Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I've been at the beach all week, and I've been missing Julie and Eric Slick something awful...well, that's about to change. Eric is on his way here as we speak, and Julie will be arriving tomorrow morning and finally, we'll have a real baseball team again!

That's a pic from the amusement park here circa 2006 - I am going by the length of Eric's hair in the photo combined with the fact that I think it's the last time they wangled their father into going on that ride of terror and doom.

You notice I'm not crazy enough to be there...well, I was the photographer, nothing more.

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, and I should really not be so lazy and download the photos of some of the beautiful meals I have had over the past few days, I've not only maintained the vegetarian diet down here I've been, with only two exceptions, a total vegan, and naturally the one time I was not vegan and pigged out on pizza with lots of cheese, I got deathly ill. So it was immediately back to vegetables for me, and I've been grooving on everything from chargrilled portabella mushroom sandwiches to salads bursting with fresh avocado, artichokes, olives, chick peas...I'm so healthy I can't stand it.

I even have home made ratatouille over brown rice for when Eric comes today, but I bet even he will want pizza for lunch. That's the trouble. The pizza is really great here but you must exercise moderation, which, if you are a faithful reader of this blog, you know I do not know how to do.

Anyway, that's not the reason I'm here blogging. The real reason is I found a great Adrian Belew Power Trio review, and I just couldn't let it slip by without posting it. So here's the original link but to make it easy, a cut and paste for quick gratification:

"The Adrian Belew Power Trio
September 1, 2009 by trevorhults
Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce, John Entwistle & Keith Moon, John Bonham & John Paul Jones: all on the short list of engines, fueled by blood fire, of the truly great rhythm sections. Soon to be added: Eric & Julie Slick
, graduates of the Paul Green School of Rock. They make the case for human cloning. I soon hope to procure my very own pair of Slick clones (I have yet to tell the rest of the band). Eric and Julie’s prodigious talents were on display this past Saturdy with the Adrian Belew Power Trio at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

The Power Trio played through the material on their new album “e” with a few Crimson covers and early Belew classics interspersed. As always someone in the crowd called out for Crimson tunes that clearly weren’t on the set list. Seriously, Dinosaur… that’s the tune you just have to hear? At times thrashing and lumbering like a Viking horde, at other moments playing with deft virtuosity. In the midst of their wall of sound Mr. Belew continues to be the most innovative and amazing of all Zappa alumni churning out a steady stream of music that’s truly a unique voice. He stood in a circle of amps, effects, and gizmos looping layer upon layer of jagged, screeching, and twisting guitar parts. He turns the traditional trio format into a vehicle for rock orchestration.

Adrian has no rivals and continuously reinvents the vocabulary of rock guitar. Belew has secured the future of rock music by bringing the Slicks into his belewniverse. Great rhythm sections define great power trios: Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush, The Police and now The Adrian Belew Power Trio."

Ah...I loved that. I mean, come on, anytime another person notices the obvious similarities of Jack Bruce/Ginger Baker and John Entwistle/Keith Moon and John Bonham/John Paul Jones to Julie and Eric Slick, well, I must applaud them on their fine musical knowledge. So thank you, Trevor, whoever you are....but please do take note that I have corrected the spelling of "Entwistle" for you....there is no "h".