Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tomorrow night in Philadelphia! Adrian Belew CD release party

Okay, okay, I know I promised live blogging from the tour but you cannot believe how incredibly stressful and difficult selling merch is at the shows each night...naturally, I am having the best time ever but the blog

If you do not already know, I have been live tweeting from the shows each night, so please follow me at

But I am popping on here to tell you three things if you are anywhere near Philadelphia:

There are still some tickets available for tonight's show at the Sellersville Theater

Tomorrow night, Adrian, Julie and Eric will be at Rembrandts Restaurant, 23rd and Aspen, Phila., PA at 8:00 p.m. for their CD release party. They'll be showing clips from the new DVD, playing the new CD, mingling with the crowd, autographs, picture taking...who knows what will happen. And it's free! Though we do ask that you support Rembrandts, who were kind enough to offer their restaurant to the band, by buying a beer or two and I have to say, their food is incredible as well. Food and drink will be served throughout the evening

And of course Monday night is the big show at World Cafe Live and I say that because we are very proud -- both because Julie and Eric are Philadelphia natives and because the opening act is Cheers Elephant. As you may already know, the bassist in the band is Julie's significant other, Matt Rothstein, and Julie produces their CDs.

So...I hope to see you at one or all of these events and remember, follow me on Twitter every night as I tweet live.

But oh boy, when I do sit down and blog, HAVE I GOT SOME STORIES FOR YOU!



REF said...

Hi Robin, I enjoyed meeting you and your uber talented brood in Atlanta. I can't recall a recent time that I've enjoyed more both musically and personally in recent memory. Thank you for taking our pic at the Majestic, here's a link to the facebook version of your pic (see, you did fine and there was nothing to worry about...except the fact that I look like hell in the pic but that was hardly an issue with the photographer). Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Rodney
PS-I felt quite uplifted by the family spirit that you Ade, Eric and Julie exuded as you ate breakfast together. I felt a bit bad about intruding but how often do you get a chance for a photo op with one of your heroes and such up and coming talents. Thanks again.

lightconstruction said...

Hey Rob,

Asheville was a blast! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Stashia from the Orange Peel gave me a VIP Photo pass. And then after the show when Ade,Julie and Eric were still backstage chilling out she had came and got my buddy from Brasil and took us back there to meet & greet before the signing.

Djalma got his pic taken with Adrian and he will never forget that night. He brought some necklaces and bracelets from Brasil made by Native South Americans out of Seeds and things.
We gave them to Julie...she is supposed to share with you. did you see them? Hope she didn't lose them in transition.

I took over 300 photos of the band and mostly of Eric and Adrian. Julie was too far left of me to get great shots...mic stands and such.

Can't wait to hear all the stories from the road!