Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Robin Slick!

So yeah, today is my birthday though as I just remarked on Twitter, I'm now officially at the age where I must begin either ignoring said birthday or start counting backwards.

No, that is not my cake, I found that pic on Google images just now and thought it highly appropriate. But my cake, a rich butter pound confection that will be the last fattening thing I consume this month and next (and this time I mean it!), will be from here because they are truly the best pound cakes in Philadelphia.

And while Julie is in Nashville prepping for the upcoming Adrian Belew Power Trio tour, Eric will be arriving home tonight from Germany and he's coming straight here to have dinner with me and, yep, to sing Happy Birthday though he probably won't have cake, being vegan and all. I know, I know, I should have ordered a vegan cake but that will be for next year, I promise. The best part of the birthday song is that the dog always joins in. I'm totally serious. I will get Eric to record it on his iPhone and will post it later.

Now watch, this will be the one year the dog doesn't sing, but for whatever reason, that song drives him nuts and the minute you launch into it, he starts howling along. It is seriously one of my life's most simple and joyous pleasures.


Ha ha, yeah, I know I've already shouted that from the rooftops a few times but I'm just a tiny bit excited. My plan is, at least in theory, to live blog from the entire tour. Now of course that will depend on a lot of stuff - whether the venue has Wifi, whether the hotels really do have internet (so many times they either charge way too much or tell you that you need an ethernet cable which they have at the front desk, only you go to the front desk and they are out of them. I am not going to go out and buy one myself in advance because I can never get them to work right, anyway). Also, it will also depend on how busy I am. I am hoping to be so busy selling merch and meeting and talking with fans I won't have time...but I figure if I have Blogger set up and just point my mac with iPhoto in "your" direction, I'll be able to post photos and at least short blurbs daily. In any event, trust me, I will find time to at least do regular blogging if I can't manage the live stuff and I'll still take plenty of pics to post in my down time.

So what I'm trying to say here is: If you come to the shows, don't be shy, come up and say hello, and special preference for your photo to be posted on my blog is to WEAR YOUR E-SHIRTS! Cool? Cool!

I also learned that ABPT tour out west for October is a GO GO GO, so people on the left coast, start saving your money!

Anyway, I think that's it for me today - I am taking the day off to hang with the dog, do some writing, and take care of some last minute stuff before I leave on Thursday. But of course if there is any breaking news, I'll be back.

Behave yourselves today, and if you want to buy me a present, instead of doing that, why not buy yourself a good book instead? Ha ha - I know a great author and here's her page at Amazon.



Kram Namloc said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Robin! You are a joy to know and you make the world a better place for us all!
Rock on!

So happy that the AB3's West Coat Tour is going to happen! Portland, Portland, Portland! Hope you'll be on that tour too. You'd love it here!

Lee Huntington said...

Happy Birthday and I look forward to both the birthday songfest and seeing you and the band in Annapolis.

Tickledrop said...


Do whatever the fuck YOU want.


lightconstruction said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

May you have the best one ever!
EAT CAKE! Do what you want and enjoy this day!

see you in asheville on the 24th,


garyslick said...

all together now--------
happy birthday--------robbi----
best wife///mother------
in the world-!!!------
and------------a pound cake---
birthday cake------i'm pondering--

Ellen said...


LitPark said...

Happy birthday, Robin! Lots of love (and pound cake) to you. xo

RobinSlick said...

Wow, thanks for all the birthday wishes. It was a good one, not one of my usual epic disasters. Two years ago comes to mind. I hear a noise and think it's construction but it was the house next door being robbed as I sat here. Then, I start to smell something really awful it's like the rotting corpses of 1,000 skunks and it seems to be coming from my basement. I open the door and sniff and realize OH MY GOD THE PLUMBING HAS BACKED UP AND THERE'S 2 FEET OF RANCID "WATER" ON THE FLOOR. In the meantime, the police have been alerted about the robbery next door, which I do not know about, and they begin banging on my door. I go into shock, wondering how I can let them in with my house smelling like, um, poop, and also wondering if that's why they're here. But no, they wanted the i.d. of the woman next door and if I knew how to reach her so they could contact her about the robbery. I did know where she worked so it was my job to call her and give her the news. She screamed, and in the meantime, the cops are looking at each other thinking I am the smelliest person in the world and I am afraid to tell them about the basement leak because they'll send Licenses and Inspections over here and I'd get a huge fine...even though I have a special "in" (heh) with a plumber and knew that as soon as I called, he'd be here to fix it.

Yeah, that's usually what my birthdays are like but this year was almost perfect. The dog did sing, Eric recorded it on his to get him to upload it but he arrived here after a 10 hour flight from Germany and I didn't have the heart to make him do anything. Oh, and he brought me gorgeous earrings from Germany and a bunch of imported chocolate bars.

I just made this a mini-series, didn't I. Okay, obviously I'm in a writing mood...better take advantage of that.