Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great snippets from the Adrian Belew Power Trio Tour

Hey hey:
I'm home today before taking off for the New York City show tomorrow night at BB Kings (and don't forget about the CD release party at Rembrant's this evening at 8:00 p.m.; doors at 6:30; admission FREE)...but I just wanted to take a minute to publish some fun snippets from the tour so far.

Now, obviously I have many stories and a few of you have sent me the most wonderful photographs in the world which I'll be posting with credits when I get some free time -- right now I'm attacking not only my wash but Julie's and Adrian's (ha ha...some things never change...taking care of people is what I do best)...but I was just giggling to myself remembering some of the wild conversations I've had with fans.

Man, I've met some great and interesting people so far.

In fact, I didn't realize it, but I may have even met/talked at length with a Senator or one of his/her aides at the Vienna, Virginia show? His email is the U.S. senate - how wild.

And of course riding from city to city in a van with Adrian for hours - oh how I wish I could share some of those stories but they belong to him and I'm sure he'll publish his memoir when the time is right.

In the meantime, here's a few snippets that made me smile. And please...these are not said with malice or even a smirk...I am honestly joyous about my conversations with fans...and even when I tweet live during the show about kicking asses of people talking during Eric's drum solos, etc. trust me, I'm not angry, I'm having a blast.'s some samples.

Fan #1: Wow, Julie is really beautiful.

Me: Thank you. (Like I had anything to do with that, other than marry her father...ha, she looks so much like him you'd think men could give birth.)

Fan #1: Is she married?

Me: No, but she has a significant other. Sorry.

Fan #1. Oh, that's too bad. Hey, are you married?

Me: Sorry.

Fan #1. Oh. Hey, do you have any other daughters?

Me: Nope, my only other child is the drummer, Eric.

Fan #1. Oh, that's too bad!

Me: Too bad that Eric is my son?

Fan #1: No, I didn't mean...I...sorry....but hey, it's too bad you don't have any other daughters who are single. Or that Julie isn't single . Or that you aren't single.

Me (slowly backing away): Well, you know, I'm sure there's someone out there for you. In the meantime, why don't you just enjoy the music?

Fan #1: Great idea! Yeah, I came here to see the Adrian Belew Power Trio!

Me: (backing away just a little bit further) Why, um, yeah...very cool.

Fan #2: Hey, are you the kids' mother?

Me: Yep.

Fan #2: When is King Crimson touring, do you know?

Me: Erm...I don't.

Fan #2: They don't tell you?

Me: Julie and Eric aren't in King Crimson.

Fan #2: They're not? Oh! That's too bad.

Me: Erm...they play with Adrian and love him. Does that count?

Fan #3, overhearing conversation: I love King Crimson. Robert Fripp is a friend of mine.

Me: (looking at him skeptically) Really? Robert is a friend?

Fan #3: Yeah, we hang out all the time. We were in the army together.

Me: (Really backing away in earnest), um, nice. How old are you?

Fan #3: 34

Me: And you were in the army with Robert, huh.

Fan #3: Yep!

Me (thinking to myself: Do I ask to see a photo? Ha!) Um, you do realize Robert is from England, right?

Fan #3: HE IS? WOW. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE AN ACCENT! Well, the army will do that to you, I guess.

Me: Apparently the army can do a lot. Erm...can you excuse me?

Fan #3: See you at the next Crimson tour! Will you be selling merch there, too!

Me: Oh, sure. I'll save you a t-shirt.

Fan #3: Will Robert autograph it?

Me: Why of course. Especially since you two are army pals and all.


And you wonder why Robert doesn't enjoy touring all that much.

Anyway, all kidding aside, I better stop. You guys might think I'm poking fun. I'm really not. It's a total blast and it can only get better.