Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric Slick!

Well, I'm officially old. My "baby" is twenty-two years old today.

Happy Birthday, Eric!

And in case you are a new reader to this blog, the official INSANE story of Eric's actual birth can be found right here. Sadly, I did not embellish one fact, I actually toned it down to make it more "politically correct".

So our gift to Eric is a brand new double bed and mattress for his new place in the Graduate Hospital area (the lucky bum)...hardwood floors throughout, brand new state of the art kitchen, three stories with finished soundproof studio basement...wait...what the fuck am I, his real estate agent? Ha ha, I'm just excited for him, and oddly enough, today is also his official moving day.

And to top off the festivities, tonight the family is taking him to dinner at Philadelphia's premier vegan restaurant, Horizons, where we'll be dining on:


Florida Corn "Sopa De Tortilla" charred poblano broth, avocado, tortilla stix

Smoked Portobella Carpaccio black olive blini, rosemary mustard, crispy capers

Exotic Mushroom Fritters hearts of palm and tomato stew, saffron aioli

Salt Roasted Golden Beet Duo sliced with house smoked tofu on rye.

Tartare with seaweed caviar and cucumber dill sauce

Jamaican BBQ Seitan jicama slaw, smoked chipotle dip

Spanish Chopped Salad smoked tofu, avocado, hearts of palm, cured and green olives, red onion, patatas bravas grilled lemon- caper dressing

Red Leaf Salad lolla rosa, grilled green onions, roasted pears, pistachio vinaigrette


Pan Seared Peppercorn Tofu curry creamed spinach, garbonzo crepe with hearts of palm chick pea stew, cucumber coriander chutney

Grilled Seitan yukon mash, grilled spinach, horseradish cream and roasted red pepper tapenade

Mushroom Pub Plate - wood grilled portobella with grain mustard sauce stuffed deviled oyster mushrooms pickled beech mushrooms creamy maitakes and peas over truffled celery root puree

Catalan Tempeh braised black beluga lentils

Spanish salsa verde smoked eggplant-stuffed piquillo. preserved lemon aioli

Pacific Rim Grilled Tofu spicy gochujang glaze, korean fried rice,edamame puree, smoked miso glaze

Dijon seitan and cauliflower terrine. grilled royal trumpet mushrooms sauteed brussels sprouts, baby turnips and lettuce roasted rutabaga salad

Sides And Small Plates

Maitake mushrooms with rosemary and miso

Grilled spinach with preserved lemon aioli

Fresh trofie pasta with garlic and truffle oil

Baked potato fries with chipotle dip

Brussels sprouts and tokyo turnips with mustard cream, curried garbanzos with rice and chutney


Key Lime Cheesecake mango ceviche

Chocolate Mousse mac nut cookies

Coconut Cupcake pineapple gazpacho

Saffron Creme Brulee with lemon-hazelnut cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb with peanut butter ice cream

How's that for some vegan food porn? I'll try and remember to take some pictures for my next post.

So Happy Birthday, Eric are in fact the man...and oh yeah, here's another tease...what Friends of King Crimson band will both Julie and Eric join on stage for a Philadelphia area show next month? Stay tuned....