Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tonight in Philadelphia: Eric Slick in DRUM TREK

As posted by Eric Slick on a couple of forum boards around the web and reposted here by me, his loving mother, because I personally cannot wait for this show tonight.

Come out this Saturday to the Black Lodge in Philadelphia.

DRUM TREK: A 4 drummer extravaganza...which means a whole lot of drums making crazy and unique sounds.

There was an awesome plug for it in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The drummers are:
Pavel Fajt (Dunaj/Fred Frith)
Mike Pride (MDC/Dynamite Club/John Zorn/Anthony Braxton/Boredoms 77BoaDrum)
Eric Slick (Adrian Belew/Chris Harford/Project Object)
Jim Meneses (Stickmen/Chris Cutler)

Show stars at 8PM, Tickets are $10.
1508 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Hope to see you all there!

Eric Slick
drums//adrian belew