Monday, December 08, 2008

Yet Even More from the Land Down Under: Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour in Oz

In case anyone is wondering, I did finally get a reply from Julie via email 24 hours later in response to my excited inquiry about the ABPT's new friendship with Guy Pratt, bassist for Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Robert Palmer, Brian Ferry, Madonna, Michael Jackson...just like Ade, his resume is endless and impressive beyond belief.

Me: "So you texted me you have a new fan in Pink Floyd's bass player. Not bad!"

Julie: "i know - i ate his pizza crust."

Sigh...okay, that's good enough I suppose. You eat someone's pizza crust, you are pals for life.

At least in my sick little world, anyway. And apparently Julie's, too. Ha!

Here's another pic I lifted from an Australian fan, whom I now know to be "Gerard" because he wrote me a lovely email:

"Hi Robin,

Surprised to see my video and photo of the Adrian Belew Power Trio on your blog. I'm glad you liked them. Thanks for putting them on - it answers the mystery of why so many people were watching the video! I hadn't even had the chance to ask the band if they mind. Seems it might be ok :-)

Yes it was an awesome show as you've read from other commentators. I wanted to get more of Eric on the video but it was tricky from where I was - right behind him. The Basement was packed so no chance to relocate - but it turned out to be a much better spot than expected. Julie featured there pretty well! They play tonight and tomorrow night in Sydney in a slightly smaller venue so I hope lots of people will get along and see them.

Please thank all of the band for me!

Cheers ... Gerard"

From a Live Journal entry coming out of the Adelaide Guitar Festival:

"Adrian Belew. To be honest, before I got tickets to this show, I had no idea who he was, but he’s worked with Frank Zappa and David Bowie, and that was enough to peak my interest. He’s also done some NIN albums, worked with Tori Amos, Cindi Lauper, and laid down a track with William Shatner. This guy gets around. The Power Trio was rounded out by a brother-sister team he picked up at the school or rock, and they were awesome – the sister Julie Slick on bass, and the brother Eric Slick on drums. I think one of the camera men was in love with Eric, because for most of the set the camera was focused on his hands. And given the way the boys plays drums, I wasn’t complaining. If you’re ever tempted to make a joke about drummers having a lack of talent, go look this boy up."

From Aussie Guitar Gearheads:

"Saw Adrian Belew tonight and i am completly blown away by a musician who comes out and has a laugh, and is not full of ego.

He will be at the basement tonight I think and then they will do adelaide guitar fest, and on sat night they will be playing back in black in the acdc tribute.....

2 big thumbs up


"One of my favourite guitarists, was a fan of Crimson before I knew of him. Didn't know he was out again, I saw him maybe a year and a half ago.... Had a drummer and a bass/stick player who was good but seemed to be a little unfamiliar with the instrument and material."

"He's an amazing guy, someone to look up to for sure."

"The thing for me as a prog muso, he was having a blast, smiling taking the piss, not the serious and intense look most prog musos have.

His rhythm section are phenomenal, this young brother and sister duo, what she does on bass is phenomenal...

she is 22

he is 21

I went to him at the end just to say thank you, which I have never done before and he brought it down to my level.... he wasnt the guitarist in king crimson or zappa, just a dude that enjoys playing live shows and enjoys feedback..."

"Please don't tell me Robert Fripp was there. I will cry."

"If he was, he didn't play on stage."

"If Fripp was there, he'd be hiding at the back behind a rack of Eventide's with his back to the audience.

He played on one of my all time fav albums Remain in Light."

From Bungle Fever:

"Okay, so I went to the show last night. Absolutely unbelievable -- I don't regret it for a second. I was standing ten feet from him and I still don't get it.

His band is incredible. Eric and Julie Slick (drums & bass, respectively) are phenomenal. He's 20, she's 21, and I was just stunned by the musicianship. I'm 37 and I can barely play my way out of a pentatonic scale -- these kids are up there holding their own (and occasionally upstaging) Adrian Belew.

I gave up trying to figure out what the hell he had going on with his rig. He was playing Parkers (mainly a really nice gold one) through two Johnsons, two Line 6s, a Boomerang, a sampler of some kind, a Roland synth, expression pedals, midi controllers and god knows what else. I think I mentioned this show was in a small bar, so his rig dominated the stage. It looked like NASA mission control. My bass player went with me, and I don't think I'm going to hear any more grief from him about my measly six pedals.

I've seen the light. I caught myself giggling while I was watching him play, and the only other person who gets that reaction from me is Richard Thompson. Both are utterly unique artistic voices, and both are superb musicians. For the uninitiated, if Adrian comes to your city, don't hesitate -- GO SEE HIM. And thanks to everyone here who encouraged me to go."

Alrighty, that's all I've got so far but I'm waiting on a few reviews in particular, so, as always, I will be back...