Friday, December 05, 2008

The Adrian Belew Power Trio - More, More, More from the Land of Oz

Oh, I am loving this tour vicariously. Thanks to all of you fantastic fans from Australia who are writing reviews, emailing me, and commenting on various blogs. You rock!

Here's the first You Tube to pop up - from last night's show in Sydney. Not just awesome music, but for me it was worth to watch just for Julie's smile:

And then there's this:


Last night I went with my dad to see Adrian Belew & the Slick siblings play at the basement. I have to say that 1. They were awesome and 2. The Basement is a fantabulous venue.

21 year old Eric Slick plays drums and his sister 22 year old Julie plays bass - they are a very very talented set of siblings. For such young people, their ability is just mind boggling. Julie plays bass like it's an extended part of her body, alternating between caressing the instrument and punishing it, all to a unique and wonderful effect. Eric's solo was deeply impressive, and he puts his soul into it like there is nothing else that exists... and you can tell he and his sister and Adrian are having a hell of a lot of fun on stage. It all felt so natural and relaxed, which made for a very enjoyable listening experience. Afterward, dad and i actually talked to the Slicks, got their autographs, and then we met Adrian near the bar. He's a very nice guy, and i managed to get dad's King Crimson CD signed for him. Needless to say, dad was very appreciative!

They're playing again in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday at the Vanguard. If you want to see what music can be (and i say this even though i know basically nobody is giving a shit :P ), then you should see these guys. I know, you love your "Fall Out Boy" and all that bullshit, because you think that is rock and roll, but...well, there's really no point my trying to convince you otherwise. You have to see it in the flesh, for yourself. I like my stupid bands too, rest assured, but i can appreciate that there are those who just play music for the showbiz and others who play it for the art. Sometimes, it's nice to see the art. It's refreshing, particularly if you're always surrounded by the impression and perception of musicianship.

The art part of it isn't dead, despite what all the over 40's think haha. People - i.e. young people - are still capable of artistry in music as they ever were. I suppose it all comes down to the fact that the nature of the industry has changed. I feel priveliged that dad has taught me about music from his perspective as a fan, and as a male growing up in rock and roll Australia in the 70s. I'm glad i know that stuff, but i can't not listen to music...and if i were to be as purist as dad is, then i don't know if i'd have much left to listen to at all."

And this:

"Hi Everyone
I am back in Annes bedroom number 2 after being slayed by the Adrian Belew Power Trio Live tonight.

Fccccccccccccccccccccccck Me.

I have been a fan Belew all the way back to Frank Zappa , Bowie the Mighty King Crimson as well as Adrians solo work.

We got a good selection of Adrian's catalogue.

I am tired its 12.45 am here in Sydney as I write to you.

There are no photos , but there will on Monday night.

I got Julie and Eric Slick to sign there cd Side Four(Live) Julie Slick wrote We Love New Zealand and signed the cover , then Eric wrote Eric Slick 3 Nights in reference to my to 3 Adrian Power Trio gigs over the rest of the week in Sydney.

The played 90 min, they left the venue fast because there next flight was at 6.00am today to Adelaide.

I just made a chocolate drink the second one I have made at Annes, my chocolate drinks suck. Anne makes beautiful chocolate drinks.

What a gig , after all these years of hearing him on record and cd I got him in full flight here in Australia . I am way ready for the next two gigs, Jimmy , Diane and Timmo , you all said I was in for a treat . A treat . I just got to eat the whole box tonight.Wow. I want a Parker guitar .Preferably one now designed by Adrian for Parker.

What an astounding sound that baby let rip with tonight. I just got slamed by the Big Electric Cat.


"I'm glad you enjoyed the show Steve. The Adrian Power Trio kicks A-S-S!!!!!"

"Belew did 4 King Crimsons last night Nuerotica , Frame by Frame , Thela Hun Gijeet , plus one other that eludes me right now.

Anne enjoyed Big Electric Cat. Fantastic Live. I could here him winding his way into at the start , I was waiting for this one and Belew did not disappoint me. Whammy Bar use aplanty throughout the gig .Still stunned with Adrian's ability , hey you can here on record or cd and that fine.But when you see Adrian Live as you all said, it's going to be a treat and it was."


"Yo, Adrian...
True to my word last night, I am following up with my take on last night.

Adrian - great energy, to me you are better live than on recordings, I was amazed.

JULIEEEEEEE!!!! - fantastic. What incredible feel for someone so young (and a big hit with the guys at the back...).

Eric - my son is a drummer, and all he could say was "DAMN".

Thanks also Adrian for taking time out to have a chat after the show. It was definitely a night to remember.


Not a review, but IMDB talks about the world's ten best guitarists, and look who not only made the list, but...

1. Adrian Belew
2. Steve Howe
3. Robert Fripp
4. Jimi Hendrix
5. Pat Metheny
6. Jimmy Page
7. David Torn
8. Mike Stern
9. Allan Holdsworth
10. Bill Frisell

Although it seems like maybe Steve Vai or Jeff Beck should be in there for me, too. Maybe they'd be #11 and 12 respectively."

Wow. Just seeing that on IMDB, which as I'm sure most of you know is the world's hugest website/source of information for film and music, made me so emotional that when I went upstairs a few minutes ago to tell Gary, I broke out in tears. Finally people are getting it. Adrian Belew is a freaking brilliant genius and yes, right now the #1 living guitarist.

And on that fabulous note, I'll end my post for now, but just like yesterday, I'll come in and edit this post all day to include any reviews/comments from Australia that I find in my course of duty as groupie mom "stalker". more thing. Julie updated her blog again. She is really outdoing herself. I am still laughing out loud. What a wonderful writer she is and what a fabulous overview of life on the road down in Oz. Hey, have you noticed how much I love my daughter and that wacky brother of hers? And Ade isn't half bad, either.