Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tours, tours, and more tours

Hi there:

So Eric is currently on tour with Project Object, and I hear that despite the fact that Andre and Eric barely got home from the Adrian Belew Power Trio European run in time for any lengthy rehearsals, the first night of the show went amazingly well and Ike Willis is back, baby. Tonight's show is in Anapolis at Rams Head on Stage, and you can purchase tickets right here.

Tomorrow they will be at BB Kings in New York, and I have to tell you, I am half-tempted to hop a train and make this show. I hear percussionist Ed Mann is simply brilliant (as always) and I don't know if I can wait until Sunday's show at World Cafe Live. But we'll see.

Here's an old shot Gary took last year of Eric, Ike, and Dave Johnsen last year at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck. I love that's just so cool. And have I mentioned I loathe the new Photobucket thumbnail non-option? It's like, either post a thumbnail which will blow up into a large photo or post a large photo that covers the whole right hand side of the blog and links. It really sucks!

Anyway, all I know is, Project Object has two Zappa alumni with them this time around and you never know, there's always the chance someone else "interesting" may join them on stage so here's what was lovingly referred to as the "Blue States Tour" by someone on a Zappa forum board somewhere. Except...ha ha ha happy happy joy joy...they all pretty much turned out to be Blue States, didn't they? Yay, America! (Christ, when is the last time I said that? Erm...never?)

Sun 16 Nov Rams Head Annapolis MD - 22.50 21+
Mon 17 Nov BB Kings New York NY - $18/$20 All
Tue 18 Nov Revolution Hall Troy NY - $18/$20 18+
Wed 19 Nov Iron Horse Northampton MA - $17.50/$20 All
Thur 20 Nov Toads Place New Haven CT - $15/$17 All
Fri 21 Nov Bill's Bar Boston MA - $17/$20 18+
Sat 22 Nov Asbury Lanes Asbury Park NJ - $15/$17 18+
Sun 23 Nov World Café Live Philadelphia PA - $18 All

ETA: Hey, I snagged me a set list:

zooot allures
magic fingers
t'mershi duween
advance romance
ez meat (1978 version)
jones crusher
big swifty


cruisin for burgers
tryin to grow a chin
blessed relief
broken hearts are for assholes
king kong
packard goose
i'm the slime
village of the sun
echidna's arf
don't you ever wash that thing

zomby woof

Oh, I am loving that selection. Now I really can't wait!

In other news, my other favorite bassist, Tony Levin has updated his Stickmen MySpace page and he's sure got something exciting in the works...

(It should be noted that this photo was the correct size when I lifted it from Tony's MySpace page so it wasn't subject to the Photobucket thumbnail rule. Tony and drummer Pat Mastelotto look great in this pic, don't they? So does Michael Bernier, while I'm on the subject)

Stick Men
A European Tour for March/April/May 2009 is being booked presently for the Stick Men...we will keep you posted as we have confirmations. Stick Men are tentatively booked as the opening band for Eddie Jobson’s UKZ debut performance in NYC in Jan 2009! When Eddie confirms we will let you all know,Cheers! Stick Men

Oh, if that happens in NYC in January, we will so, so be there. There is also something exciting brewing for the ABPT in January, 2009 but I do not want to jinx it so I'll just leave it here as a tease and as soon as I get definite confirmation, you will all be the first to know.

And that's the news for today.

P.S. Julie has updated her blog and I wish to clarify something. That is not my kitchen and that is not my stove. She cooked at a friend's apartment. Not that she likes my stove any better, mind you, the little gourmet snob... (God I love her)