Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm sorry, I haven't been in the mood.

Maybe it's the post-euphoria of the election, the Phillies' World Series victory, the finale of the Adrian Belew Power Trio European tour, but sadly enough, I find myself with nothing much to say. I've been struggling with National Novel Writing Month because my heart just isn't into writing it quite yet (in other words, I want to get to the meaty, humorous chapters and maybe I should be attacking it that way - writing those first and working them in later)... and yet I know...I know I can do this and I know I'm funny...only I don't feel very funny right now and I just can't force it. I'm not unhappy...don't get me wrong...but I just feel kind of bleh. Hey, it happens.

But then I find something like this on line and I'm smiling again. When the Adrian Belew Power Trio were in Moscow, Ade broke a string and Julie and Eric had to wing it and do a spontaneous jam while repairs were made. I love this!

And then the mailman came and brought me the coolest gifts ever -- a total surprise from huge Adrian Belew fan Tickledrop...said parcels contained a download DVD of the King Crimson Festival in Moscow, a Splinter Group DVD featuring one of my favorite guitarists, Peter Green, a book called This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin which looks absolutely incredible, and speaking of absolutely incredible, homemade goodies in mason jars which I have not identified yet...I am waiting for clarification from Tickle as to what each is and will open them when the whole family is present.

Anyway, I'm kind of in blog transition land. Last night Julie made us a fantastic dinner but took photos for her own blog so my talking about that is probably out; as far as tidbits from the European what do I do now? Well, I know one thing. I have lots of friends who are writers and have really awesome novels out right now. Do I enter the world of book reviewer? Or should I use this weird, uneasy period of time to solely work on my new novel and maybe post excerpts here? Bah! I do not know what I want or what to do.

You know what? I need to be writing. I need to stop blogging and whining right this second and work on my novel. It's the only way I'm going to feel human again.

Wait: How excited am I to read this in the newspaper just now:

"WASHINGTON – President-elect Obama plans to use his executive powers to make an immediate impact when he takes office, perhaps reversing Bush administration policies on stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

John Podesta, Obama's transition chief, said Sunday Obama is reviewing President Bush's executive orders on those issues and others as he works to undo policies enacted during eight years of Republican rule. He said the president can use such orders to move quickly on his own.

"There's a lot that the president can do using his executive authority without waiting for congressional action, and I think we'll see the president do that," Podesta said. "I think that he feels like he has a real mandate for change."

Okay, I started the above post on Saturday. It's now Monday morning. Look what I just came downstairs to - an incredible, all-inclusive interview with Adrian at All About Jazz. I'm not even going to post excerpts - go read the whole thing - the title is "Adrian Belew: Power Trios and Crimson Heads".

Oh, and another date has been added to the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour, which will run from April to June, 2009...and that would be Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI on April 17. It's not on their site yet but it's up on Pollstar...keep a look-out for a lot more dates across the United States to be added. And if you want to hear a brilliant version of Young Lions recently recorded in Switzerland, Eric has now put that up on his own MySpace page.

Oh man, maybe I'm not feeling so bleh after all. Yeah!



Hugues said...

Robin, would you like to be my picture reviewer???

Transitions suck, still, everything will be fine in the end.

Tony said...

here's hoping that they do a PHILLY show! :)

Joseph Pettini said...

Please tell Julie that we have AMAZING vegetarian fare in Minneapolis (hint).

Please try to blog at least minimally during nanowrimo (i'm doing it too)... you're my favorite.

dennis mahagin said...

Those kids pull their weight in gold!

Awesome, Robin.


Scott said...

Now you listen here!!! Blogging about the Adrian Belew Power Trio is NOT optional. Lord knows we don't get any information from Adrian's lame webmasters. :-)

RobinSlick said...

You guys are the best. I have been down and today was particularly stressful so to read all of your comments really made my day. Hughes, I would be honored to review your photos. As you know, I think you are brilliant. Tony, they better do a Philly show! Ade adores World Cafe Live. Oh, Joe, you live near Neil Gaiman. Now I will have to come visit. How's your Nano doing? Any excerpts posted? I'm writing like crazy but for some reason have been shy about posting. I am pretty sure I will put up a few chapters this weekend, though. My ego needs tell me I'm doing okay. (At least in theory).
Hey, Dennis! How's it going? I have not visited Zoetrope in kind of lost its appeal...but you were surely one of the highlights and maybe I will catch up with you in WA during a future ABPT tour. I love that part of the country! I need to check out your site - by now you must have a couple of books published, right? If not, there is something very wrong with this world. Scott, I am lame, lame, lame myself. Hey, what is going on with Ade's blog? You have to be a member to post a comment now? How does one become a member? Arghh...I need more hours in a day. I am working like a maniac lately and have been neglecting my friends.

Note to self: Stop that!

Love you guys.


Scott said...


Ade (Rob) closed comments on his blog after he got spammed. Some a$$hole posted about a million porn links.

You should post more often when you're drinking!

Scott said...

PS - I actually updated my blog. Rest assured it is still the most boring blog you'll ever find, but it's current!