Thursday, October 16, 2008

Live from Budapest...

I don't know how good this is sound wise because I'm currently somewhere without speakers, but video wise...this looks awesome. It's the Adrian Belew Power Trio, performing last night in Budapest, Hungary:

ETA: Can one of my Hungarian friends translate this news article for me and put it in the comments section? Thanks!

Adrian Belew Power Trio review October 16, 2008

ETA2: DO I believe this incredible comment on Adrian's blog?

"Blogger catalin.onel said...

Bravoo... bravoo Mr.Belew !!!

Absolutely fantastic concert!!! Man...what a great show was in Budapest. I came all the way from Romania (Pitesti) to see you guys. Julie you are phenomenal ! Never seen such a young woman playing bass so intense and so technical. Eric you are incredible ! I have rarely seen such powerful rhytmic energies coming from a drum set. It seems that the guy in the middle has teamed up with some of the finest musicians around. You all deserve to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Don't forget Romania has lots of your fans so maybe one day you'll come to Bucharest also. Hats off to you guys !!! Man.. what a night..."

Wow. On behalf of the band and as groupie Mom...thank you, Catalin.

I will be back with some fun photos and another short video clip sent to me by a fan later tonight.