Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Adrian Belew Power Trio European Tour - another installment, sort of

Not to be repetitive or anything but it's true, basically everything I know about the current Adrian Belew Power Trio European tour I'm still getting solely via Julie and Eric's blogs because between the time difference and being super busy, we have barely connected at all nor have I been able to translate most of the reviews I've found. All I can say is, what little I do know is that this is an immensely successful tour and they are really, really happy.

Yeah, I think so!

And to add to the mix of great bloggers, I just this minute learned that their techie/tour manager and Project Object guitarist extraordinaire Andre Cholmondeley has started an on line journal as well, and oh boy, it is ever extensive and informative! Here's the link, which I will make permanent and add to my blogroll.

But you know me, I did manage to find a few other things. Here's some really cool links which will lead you to some interesting Adrian Belew Power Trio tidbits:

First, after clicking the ABPT link above to see some of the kind comments left on their MySpace site, wander over to Kill Ugly Radio where...what's this? A post by Eric Slick?

Then, Beana Bern, the fantastic photographer I mentioned in my post below, blogged about the recent ABPT concert she attended in Austria, and all of the photos in my post today were taken by Beana, who gave me permission to post them. Anyway, here's what she had to say:

"Every now and again (more often than I ever expect) something rolls into this little Tyrolean Valley and brings the world I remember with it. Last night the Adrian Belew Trio played a club called Komma in a little village about 30 minutes east of me. I rolled into the club just in time to hear Eric kick things off and remembered how often I find myself in awe at his talent…His sister, Julie, is also quite a prodigy and when you glue those two together with Adrian’s style its a pretty amazing show. The sound in the club wasn't perfect and there was one drunk douche bag who kept “conducting” the band as though he was driving but neither of those two things prevented me from enjoying myself. For those of you not sure who Adrian Belew is, hes a rock legend whose played with plenty of amazing musicians among them King Crimson. I first saw the Trio play at the 1st Annual Paul Green School of Rock Festival and knew they were worthy but enjoyed last nights show much more. Complicated rock is more fun for me in a little room where I can concentrate. After the show and a little QT they packed it in and so did I. All in all, an exceptional night of rock in Tirol..."

From the Bass Player Magazine Forum Board:

"Julie Slick is one hell of a bass player as you already know and she's currently on tour with Adrian Belew. She's started a new blog which is pretty damn cool. And man is she easy on the eyes."

"Saw them last night in Milano. She was playing a Lakland with a MarkBass amp and a MarkBass 4x10. She was using a Toneworks pedalboard and a couple of effects before it that I could not figure out, one must have been a compressor, lots of knobs. She has to keep standing the hell that Adrian creates on guitar, because the guitar is not taking particular care of keeping the groove or tonality. (Note from our author: Huh? I am going to chalk this up to an Italian to English translation glitch)

They did a couple of numbers from KC where she walks shamelessly barefoot in the footsteps of his majesty. All in all the Slick brothers are a hell of a rhythm section, laughing and joking while meeting the needs of complicated music." (Note from our author: Brothers? Ha! Yep, I'm right about the translation stuff)

Pretty cool, huh.

Here's a blogpost coming out of Spain. While I was able to translate it using Google translate, when I went to cut and paste it in ye olde blog, it turned back into Spanish. Weird! So click on that link and go to Google translate right here, being sure to click "Spanish to English" (d'oh) and you can read what it says and see a cool photo or two.

From the Planet Crimson forum board:

"Catched the trio in Woergl, Austria yesterday, and "e" had the crimson sparkle flying, a truly astonishing piece!

Only 70 people in attendance (Markus Reuter being amongst them), which is a shame, but Adrian & the Kids seemed to enjoy the gig nevertheless and received a storming reception. Adrian promised to be back soon, so I guess the trio might be a permanent touring outfit, which is good news. Don't miss them!

I think the 70 people issue is addressed in either Andre, Eric, or Julie's blog...they changed venues on them at the last minute or something...basically they've been playing to large, enthusiastic crowds every night - so much so that they are already getting offers to return to Europe next fall.

In my world, in three days I begin the challenge that is National Novel Writing Month. I thought I was ready to rock; all of a sudden I've had a change of heart and might do something completely different which is way scary because it means I haven't thought out anything other than the actual story. Oy.

I really, really need to meditate further on this today.


P.S. Go Phillies!