Monday, September 01, 2008

The Adrian Belew Power Trio: On The Road to Moscow

ETA: (See, I told you!)

Okay, my day is made...hahahaha...more like my life is made. I'm walking around with a big-ass grin right now because I just received the following email from Tony Levin:

"Here's the photo you need for your blog!

Best, tony

Wow, I'll say. Thanks, Tony! How cool was that!

So the Adrian Belew Power Trio and friends are currently on a plane to Moscow (well, now that I've already edited this to add the above photo, I think it's safe to say they are in Moscow now), where they will perform Wednesday night at the B1 Club with most of the musicians (though not Keith Emerson, who has a gig in St. Petersburg) who played the Creation of Peace's being billed as a King Crimson Festival but each band, I believe, does a set of their own before they all join on stage for an hour long jam of Crimson tunes. It'll be Ade, Tony, Pat, Trey, Eric, Julie, Eddie...I'm not sure who else will jam but I do know some of the set list...just don't want to blab it before it happens.

Here's where Eric, Julie, Pat and Tony were hiding during the grand finale of the Peace Festival:

And for those of you who can translate Russian, I think, and I stress the word "think" because I failed miserably with Google translate, that Rolling Stone in Russia has something about the Peace Festival's the link for those of you more wide awake than I am right now. I see there's a photo of Patti Smith on the front page, but she's playing a show at the B1 Club on Tuesday night so it might very well have to do with that...and the question of the day is: Will the ABPT and friends show up at that gig? Will they be spectators or...

Oh, there I go fantasizing again, but here's some more after party pics which led to my ponderings.

That would be Julie Slick, Adrian Belew, and the incredible Lenny Kaye -- and as a side note, obviously Julie and Ade did not bring their respective axes to the party and are playing borrowed instruments...Ade, as you know, endorses Parker guitars and Julie endorses Lakland basses...I know most of you know that but I just didn't want to cause any confusion/problems here:

Lenny and Andre:

Here's a pic of Sasha, and Andre, I hope you don't mind that I'm quoting you again, but Sasha is a nickname for "Alexander. He was a major guy in putting this together. HUGE King Crimson fan -- friend of TLev, has booked him over here several times...he is watching the show..and even made it behind the mic for a bit. KUDOS SASHA, thanks for your hard work and great crews!"

Here are some professional shots taken at the Creation of Peace Festival which I stumbled on here, and let me give a shout out to the fabulous photographer, Marat "thought1ess" Badrutdinov. If you click on that link, you will find many, many more pics of all of the bands/performers - really great stuff.

The beautiful Julie Slick:

The equally beautiful Eric Slick (ha ha, Eric - I'm ducking right now):

Another of Julie:

And the also very beautiful Adrian Belew (I'm still ducking...though I know Ade won't throw anything at me; he'll just smile his beautiful smile):

So that's all I've got for now, other than I know the whole gang went to tour a mosque yesterday, they all went to dinner together and had a blast and I may have some pics of that hopefully later today...last I heard the entourage was headed to the hotel bar for one final smackdown before leaving for Moscow today...and that's about it.

Since this is a short post, if I do hear from anyone or get any more pics, I'll just come in and add them here so you might want to check back...