Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey, "my" film is winning awards!

Okay, so it's not really my film, but as I've mentioned here several times, the short film based on my new novel, Daddy Left Me Alone with God, is currently making the rounds at several international film festivals.

So "we" won an Honorable Mention at this festival (scroll down)...and in California right now, it's receiving rave reviews, one of which can be found right here:

"Another beautiful day at Downtown Disneyland for Indie Fest USA events. The short blocks overall were very impressive with a wide variety of styles and stories. A few films that stand out were Jonty Reason's Film Daddy Left Me Alone With God and an interesting film titled El Taxista. Brock Johnsen's feature film about WWII was very very stylish."

Even better, you can now view the actual movie and vote! So please visit the site and click on "Best", okay? Here's the link!

In other news, it's been a pretty interesting time for me and one of these days, I'll fill you in but damn, let me be honest, when Julie and Eric aren't on tour, I've kind of lost interest in blogging. I know I joked about it, but all those other bloggers out there have really freaked me out. I've always liked being "special" and now I'm feeling bored by this thing. I'm sure it will pass...and of course once the Adrian Belew Power Trio is in Russia on August 26 I'll have many interesting things to talk about...that, and three weeks in Europe and what is turning out to be an extended tour in Australia...but for now, I really do not have much to say.

Oh yeah, one other thing, I guess. It's my birthday on Sunday. I'm now at the age where that no longer excites me, but I do know of a really cool gift which is arriving any day and I will naturally post a photo next week...and I will most likely have an excellent meal out with the family as well as a spectacular one here (yeah, yeah, I'll take some food porn pics)....but other than that...meh...OBLADI OBLADA LIFE GOES ON BRA LALA HOW THE LIFE GOES ON OBLADI OBLADA LIFE GOES ON BRA LALA HOW THE LIFE GOES ON.

And if you don't get the reference, get out and don't come back no more.

Ha. (That last line "get out and don't come back no more" is also a lyric - see if you know which one and no cheating with Google but here's a hint - it's from a re-issue of a great, great album by one of my favorite British bands)