Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tonight: Adrian Belew Power Trio in Teaneck, NJ

Tonight the Adrian Belew Power Trio will be at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, New Jersey.

I don't have much in reviews or mail yet today, but for now, here's a very cool photo of Julie courtesy of Ross Smith and a brand new You Tube, which, while lacking in sound quality (a good portion of the actual song has a lot of buzzing), begins with a very, very tasty Eric Slick drum solo and thus makes it way worth watching.

More Later,


Vike said...

I caught you three souls in Manhattan and I have to say you and babybro have gotten even better since BBKings. It's are in the music industry that someone as talented as Adrian is as kind as he and someone as young as you two catch a wave - and a chance to forge chops through touring - this early. God speed!
Also, if you ever get a chance, I think you'd dig NDegeocello if she's ever playing by you - different style but also, a monster of the 4 string.

RobinSlick said...

Vike, you may have me confused with my daughter Julie - she's the bass player - I am the lowly mom who stays home, does loving P.R. for the band, and wishes she were at every show.

But I thank you kindly for the sentiment in your post. I appreciate it very much.

And as a lifelong music fanatic, of course I know NDegeocello...she's freaking amazing.

Vike said...

Hey BassMama!

You must be so very proud of her. She's so comfortable up there - she's so effortless, sinewy and masterful. I thought the most intimate moment of the show to show how relaxed she is with Adrian and these gigs was when she just slipped back into her shoes to walk off stage. I don't know - I thought that was cool! Both your children are blessed with talent that comes from who knows where - but I wish I could find that warehouse and help myself to some!