Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Quote of the Day...

From the Audio Circle forum board in response to "Latest Live Show You've Been To..."

"Adrian Belew (Power Trio). Unreal. A religious experience. Music was fabulous. Adrian = monster power and tone. One of the most creative and enjoyable shows I've seen in my life. I now hate all other musicians and all of my CDs. All I want to do is follow them around the country and listen to their music. I don't think I'll recover from this obsession, nor want to.

A twenty-something brother (drums) and sister (bass) fill out the trio. I mean no disrespect, but these kids' mother must have conceived them with Scott Lafaro and Buddy Rich while listening to music from Jaco Pastorius and Keith Moon. It is the only explanation to their enormous talent."

Actually, there's a pretty good chance he is right as concerns the listening part...

Photo by Gary Slick

ETA: Just talked to Eric, young drummer of power and terror, who relates this story from last night. Whilst vacationing, they accidentally picked what turned out to be a pretty rotten restaurant.

Here's his email, which cracked me up:

"Dinner last night sucked big time! Terrible choice.

However, we sat two tables away from Chris Rock. Julie was the first to notice and she whispered it to me. I started to freak out and laugh uncontrollably to myself. Then, I had to tell Adrian. Naturally, he blurts out loud, "What would Chris Rock be doing in this dump?" Of course, Chris Rock looks over at us with a look of discomfort and Julie and I began to just crack up. Adrian leaves without paying, because his tilapia was not cooked."

Gotta love those trio stories...I know I sure as hell love them! (The stories and the trio)

More later,

P.S. Gary has updated his blog.