Wednesday, June 11, 2008

39 and Still Holding...among other things

This week marks the release of 39 and Still Holding, a fabulous anthology which I am proud to say I edited, carefully selecting notable or should I say notorious authors from all over the world. The book is available digitally and trade paperback, and the cover is once again a creation of the fabulous N.L. Belardes and his lovely "model", Matilda Kay, who makes her fiction debut in this book.

"Still 40, still sexy. This second volume of smart, seductive fiction proves that love has no maximum age limit. Featuring the works of Barbara Foster, N.L. Belardes, Greg Boose, Santana Smith, Patricia Parkinson, Carmel Lockyer, and more!"

Here's a few teasers....

The First Time by Donna George Storey:

"His cheeks were flushed now as he crawled the three steps to her, his tie dragging on the carpet. If only the bank president could see him now."

A Rabbit Hole For Emily by Melinda Carroll:

"I no longer had to worry about how long it lasted as a prerequisite for sex. Or if it looked appropriate. Or age. I just needed to fall, let go and live. I was a forty-year-old woman! Fuck-it! It was my time."

39-Lab by N.L. Belardes:

"There was money to be made and lives to be crushed in every view he took of this decadent view of L.A."

Two Letters to Francine by Greg Boose:

"And while I am licking and humming and nibbling, you will shoot your arms out wide and pull dozens of oranges back over your body and onto my head. The fruit will thud against the ground while your orgasm bounces off the ceiling. I'll point to the cucumbers and you will tell me yes or no."

Ha - yeah, he'll point to the can just imagine what the rest of the story is like. I was laughing out loud as I read it...

I really think you'll like this book and I'm not just saying it because I'm the editor. Don't believe me? Read an excerpt right here.

In other news, remember that little short film I'm in, Why We Wax? It won yet another award at the Winnepeg Film Festival. That makes two as it took first place, short films, at the Phoenix Film Festival. Yay!

And now comes word that I am co-starring in a new documentary being filmed in New York City next week at Bravo Studios...I am not sure if I am allowed to blab about this yet or not so better to err on the side of caution and go with the "or not" but will I be talking about all of my books as well as The Adrian Belew Power Trio on camera? You betcha! Ooh, I get to be interviewed and filmed at the Actor's Studio on Tuesday and then at Bravo Film and Video on Friday. Two days in New York City...heh. In my letter of instructions from the documentary's producer, it said "Please do not wear black". Arghhh...I have worn nothing but all black since I'm sixteen years old. It's going to feel so weird wearing an actual color but then I decided I'm going to wear my gray Mark Colman designed Adrian Belew Power Trio t-shirt so at least I won't feel too out of character.

But yeah, this is a feature film so between that and Why We Wax, all of a sudden, I'm a starlet. And the movie based on my short story, Daddy Left Me Alone with God, is currently making the rounds at the Swansea, London, and South Africa film festivals so I'm like everywhere these days.

And did I mention I have exciting news about both of my soon-to-be published novels, Daddy Left Me Alone with God and Bitten to the Core? More on that in a future post. But for now, please check out 39 and Still's absolutely fabulous. You can purchase it by clicking on the link furnished at the top of this post and the trade paperback will also be available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells, and in digital format at All Romance E-books...though the word "romance" should be taken with a grain of, um...whatever.

And since this is a writing post, I leave you with this...which I personally find hilarious on so many levels.

P.S. This blog will resume regular Belew programming tomorrow - oh my God - do I have stories and photographs!