Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tonight: The Adrian Belew Power Trio in Lake Worth, FL

So this is kind of bittersweet - tonight the Adrian Belew Power Trio return to the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida, where they performed two years ago -- and where the legend of Julie Slick and her peach cobbler originated.

Photo of Julie Slick, Atlanta, GA, May 29, 2008 courtesy of Rich Wilson

What's bittersweet is that after tonight's show, the Bamboo Room is going dark...the end of an era. Man, it's such a cool venue, I feel a bit broken-hearted right now...though I just learned via an e-mail that the closure may not be permanent; it may just be for the season. Julie assures me she is going to re-create the cobbler tonight as a farewell gift (though she is thinking blackberries instead of peaches for those of you who care) but...sob...I won't be there...I'm here in rainy Philadelphia, sulking.

ETA: See? I do come in and edit. This just in - an extremely cool review of last night's show complete with most excellent photos.

Speaking of Rich Wilson, who provided the above photo of Julie and is a very cool bass player in his own right - here's his band's MySpace site, let's visit my mail bag, which starts with an e-mail from Rich:


Hi there, was reading your blog and noticed you didn’t have any ATL photos yet so I thought I’d send you a pic of Julie from last night. You actually used my wife’s photos from last years Atlanta show, and we thank you very much,

I am myself a Philly native and totally love seeing your kids play. I struck up a conversation with them last year about Philly because they spotted me in a flyers hat and said something about it after the show. Amazingly enough, after all that time Eric remembered me from last year and came up and said hello before the show last night. They are both amazing people and I am sure you are very proud..."

Naturally I wrote back to Rich, asking for permission to post his email, and he was not only cool with it, here's part of his response:

"I gotta tell ya – I’m a 31 year old bass player and Julie’s playing is totally inspiring. I do pretty well for myself and am fairly well respected as a player around my parts, but she has my utmost respect. I’m even taking a few cues from her – the way she plays very easily and effortlessly has taught me to lighten up my touch and play more economically, saves my arms for later a lot better. She’s also super cool about returning myspace messages and trading bass gear / tone tips."

Thanks, Rich, I really appreciate this.

And then there's this, from Ken Eichman:

"I now live in Huntsville Alabama however I grew up in Willow Grove PA. I have been an Adrian Fan for 20 plus years going back to the Bears at the Chestnut Cabaret and King Crimson at the Mann. I have seen him many, many times in many many cities, he is the BEST. Enough about him.

The power trio is F(*%$ great! I just caught the show they did in Nashville. I am a drummer in a local band but damn, they were great. It was almost like Adrian's long career has just been working up to jamming with them (sorry Tony Levin and Bill Bruford). Your kids are great.

Thanks for raising them with music in the house. Adrian as you know has played with the best but it was almost like he was just touring to show off his new toy.....the power in the power trio."

And then there is this, in response to comments I posted in my blog yesterday:

"Freaking Amazing is accurate! That was a funky, powerful nite! Looking over the 'collection' this was the closest to the Talking Heads sound than I have ever seen him - and I have see Ade in many forms over the years. The Slicks are amazing..."

A few of my photos are here."

So it's only 8:30 a.m., I'm sure I'll be getting more reviews/emails as the day progresses, and I'll add them here as they come in. (I did do that yesterday, too, in case anyone missed it). But for now...I think I need more coffee.