Sunday, March 02, 2008

Did I say I was worred about rock slides?

Ahem. Did I say I was worried about rock slides in Colorado? Did I actually make cracks about what else could possibly happen? Unfortunately, this morning I would learn exactly what could...and did...occur, when I innocently asked Eric how the Aspen show was last night. And by the way, don't look so innocent in this photo, Ade and Eric (I guess this pic of Adrian Belew and Eric Slick was taken by Ms. Julie Slick in Aspen to celebrate the fact that they are still alive)'s a good thing I didn't know about this yesterday or I would never have been able to sleep!

ETA: Wow. Someone just posted this You Tube of the trio from Solana Beach last week. The energy in it is amazing - you can really hear the whole audience singing along and it's a blast.

So as I was saying, I talked to Eric today and made the mistake of asking him how he was doing. And please pardon all of my "Oh God" responses because I have to stay true to the story and "Oh God" was all I could say while my I clutched my heart all white-knuckled.

"Hey, good morning, Eric! How's it going? How was the show last night?"

"We're lucky to be alive after yesterday."


"Yeah. I'm serious."

"Oh my God - what happened?"

"On the way to the gig, a giant piece of sheet metal fell off of a truck in front of us going 80 MPH."

"Oh my God!"

"Luckily, it went directly underneath our car...but if it had bounced..."


"We'd be dead."


"So we go to show," he continues. "We play the show way late and shorten the set a little bit..."


"Then we decided to drive to the next gig in Boulder because there was supposed to be a blizzard. What we didn't know is that we had to drive through Vail Pass to get there."

"And what is Vail Pass?" I asked nervously.

"Look it up."

I race to Google but of course I spell it wrong and get veiled pass which leads me to a porn site because I'm not paying attention and still busy shaking over flying sheet metal and near death experiences.

Not to mention rock slides.

But I find it soon enough.

"Oh God. The highest, snowiest, iciest point in the State of Colorado?"

"Yeah. I was sleeping at the beginning of our drive...then I woke up...and..."


"I woke up just as a tractor trailer was spinning out of control and sparking in front of us."

"Oh my God, you are killing me! So then what?"

"We made it."

Okay. Deep breaths. Time to regroup and not think about this.

"What a relief. Jesus."

"Anyway, the show last night was great. There was an oxygen tank backstage. So we all have pictures of us hitting oxygen."


"I needed it. The elevation was so damn high."

"I need them! The pictures, I mean!"

"Ha! I'll send them to you when I get to Boulder."

"Oh wow, so you didn't make it to Boulder last night after all?"

"No, only half way."

"Holy crap. Do you have to drive in a blizzard now?"

"Yeah, but it's day time. It won't be as bad. We aren't far from Boulder now. Okay, gotta go. Talk to you later."

Not as bad? Erm...I just talked to Eric again a few minutes ago -- three hours after that conversation, they are still driving in some serious snow. Yikes. Excuse me while I go have a shot of brandy and go hug Gary and the dog for comfort.

I'll post the oxygen pics when he sends them.




Niko said...

Yeah, there's nothing quite like driving down I-70 in a blizzard with the tractor trailers all around you. I watched one smoke his brakes all the way down the hill into Golden one day...thought I might get to see one of those runaway truck ramps used! I'm glad the trio's luck pulls them through sheet metal and rock slides, as well as earthquakes.

On a side note, I can't wait to see the trio play in Chicago this Wednesday...I've escaped from school healthy (after the flu ripping through my class for the past 3 weeks) and I am quite psyched...I finally get to watch the trio with my hubby...

Kram said...

z! This is turning into a real hair raising adventure!

What they need is Nanook and his pack of huskies!

Keep us posted. Now I'm worried too dammit!


Kram said...

Erm... that "z!" was actually supposed to say "Geez!"

DigMe said...

Oh my God is right. I was at the Boulder show and am so glad they are around to tell the tale.

Great show despite the nutty professor and his equipment problems:) The music worked anyway. Thank You and Slick? Wow!!! Or should I say oh my God. Levin, Gunn, Slick. Bruford,Mastelotto,Carey, Slick. Sounds about right!

Driving in snow: If the snow sticks to the tires of the car in front of you, you have traction. If the tires look wet you better slow down. Tour bus drivers are the best drivers though, so they're in good hands, I'm sure.

Awesome show! Take care.

Kram said...

Dude, this is ADE we're talking about. They travel in an all wheel drive gold Rolls!

DigMe said...

Haha. Oh yea. ^ And I have the nerve to use DigMe as a screen name.

She played that bass like a Slick. Levin, Gunn.

Ok, now I'm just being silly.

im done.

Jeff Jankowski said...

Well they better not almost die anymore cause they've got a rippin' show to play in Buffalo this weekend! Well, of course I don't want to joke about a topic like that so I will wish them safe travels from here on in. Godspeed Trio!

While known for it's snow, the weather here in Buffalo should be cold but managable. No blizzards, white-outs or rock slides forcast. See you Saturday!!! Woo HOOOOOO!!!

RobinSlick said...

I love all you guys/gals, you know that? I have been writing and stressing all day (over my writing, not the band) and to come here and read your comments gives me such joy!

Thank you..and yeah, those upcoming shows should be awesome.