Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tonight: Adrian Belew Power Trio in Solana Beach

Well, finally. A You Tube with not only decent sound and vision (though Ade does appear horizontally a few times and Julie isn't really visible) but one that features Mr. Eric Slick! This was filmed Saturday night in San Francisco, and to say I am psyched to post this is putting it mildly.

Oh, in case you are missing having a look at the magnificently gorgeous Julie, here's what she is usually up to offstage while Adrian is doing his solo performance in the middle of their set:

I really think the trio is pretty fired up now...four shows into their twenty plus show schedule and it's as they have been playing every day together for the past ten years. Yesterday was an off day, and the Coach House in San Juan was kind enough to let them use their venue for rehearsals...might they be adding a few new songs to their set tonight in San Diego/Solana Beach at the Belly Up?

Here they are really enjoying themselves following their final encore Sunday night and this photo pretty much says it all:

I see Julie also appears in yet another "beautiful chick bass player" commentary on the Bass Player Magazine Forum Board...

The praise keeps coming on the Adrian Belew Power Trio MySpace site and in the short time (only six weeks!) it's been up, there have been over 6,000 profile views and over 1,000 listens to "Three of a Perfect Pair".

If that's not exciting enough, today I received an email that there was a "new comment" on a You Tube of the trio I posted back in November, 2006:

"I saw these 3 in Cali a couple days ago and I can't stop listening to this song since! All 3 are AMAZING, and I can't believe how good those kids are it makes me want to cry and puts my 10 years of guitar playing to shame. Thanks for the video, so I can get my fix and kinda relive a couple nights ago!"

And oh my God, I just realized that the new edition of Philly Style Magazine is out on the newsstands today, and their website offers a sneak peak of the article about Julie and Eric (you need to scroll all the way down) and here's a small version of the photo, taken in my living room, which appears in the article:

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now but as usual, if more interesting stuff appears magically on the web today, I will be back. Tonight's show at the Belly Up should be awesome. There are some special guests who may be in attendance this evening and that's all I'm saying...usually whenever I spill the beans about something like this it ends up not happening so I'm going to stay quiet for now.

You have no idea how difficult that is.

Ha ha - or maybe you do.