Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tonight: Adrian Belew Power Trio in Seattle

So tonight the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour kicks off in Seattle, Washington at the
Triple Door. Julie and Eric flew out to Washington yesterday and when they were picked up at the airport, they were taken to Bruce Bickford's house which totally freaked them out.

If you want to see something really amazing, here's a couple of Bruce's films but you should really hang out on his website for a while - there's so much groovy stuff it's ridiculous.

Then, after hanging out with Bruce, who is really quite a legend, they went to their hotel and waiting there for Julie was her brand new Bob Glaub signature custom bass - it's translucent white and just gorgeous...she's madly in love with it already...and Eric was kind enough to email a pic of Julie giving it the first test run at the hotel:

So yes, Julie is now officially endorsed by Lakland Bass and to say she is thrilled is putting it mildly. The guys from Lakland are coming to the Power Trio show in Chicago and Julie is going to tour their factory that afternoon so how cool is that.

Even cooler, editors and writers from Guitar Player Magazine and Bass Player Magazine will be at the trio's San Francisco show and will be doing interviews and a photograph session with Adrian and Julie and ha ha, I guess Eric will get a mention or two as well...but how fantastic that Julie has her new bass just in time for the tour and Bass Player interview and that Lakland shipped it right to Seattle for her.

Here's an article which appeared about the trio in the Seattle Herald. I'm hoping the reviewers and bloggers and photographers come out in full force for this tour - usually if Gary or I tag along we get first hand information so I'm counting on others this time around, okay? Okay!

I also understand that the new edition of Philly Style Magazine which has a feature on Julie and Eric has been mailed to subscribers -- I'm guessing it hits the newsstands today or next Tuesday - I will let you know as soon as I find out but I'm way psyched about that -- especially since the photo shoot for the article was done in my living room. Oy. I cleaned for three days straight. Ha! (Not -- I think we all agree that it's the clutter in this place that gives it its charm)

Anyway, that's it for now but if I find out anything interesting from the tour I will be back.



Scott said...

Only three more weeks until Harrisburg!

First show I've EVER had front row seats for. :-)

Tickledrop said...

Wow! That is so cool having Bruce Bickford pick them up. I wonder if he's still a stoner. Hmm. When the Zappa family showed the Baby Snakes film a year and a half ago down in LA at The Egyptian Theater, I was amazed to see how much of Bruce's work was cut from the publicly released film. A lot of Frank talking to him and trying to figure out where he was coming from, really with life in general, besides his creative work. Pretty cool. I wonder what Eric and Julie got to check out!

And Julie's new bass! HOT HOT HOT! I'm listening to Side Four and can imagine her playing it. Man I don't know how you do it. I'm so excited and I'm going to definitely two, maybe three shows and can barely stand it. You, with books, rockstar kids, films, photo shoots, concerts, Adrian, tours... oh my gosh. Good stuff woman.

Patti in Seattle said...

Hey, I saw your kids tonight. They were gorgeous and joyful and awesome to watch. Julie is this pool of cool calm, Eric looks like his energy is always on the verge of making him explode. They're always keeping an eye on each other, they were wonderful. :)

I know Bruce and saw him at the show, too. I took my son to see one of his films a couple years ago, and it made him cry. He's definitely an interesting guy. But sweet.

RobinSlick said...

Ah, Scott, I will probably be watching from the side of the stage that evening...but as you already know, you are in for such a treat!

Erm, Bruce a stoner? I wouldn't know. Julie and Eric were amazed by his artwork and were thrilled he was at their show last night, that's all I know. Oh Rena, I so wish we were hanging out this time around! Damn!

Patti - thank you so much. I gave you a shout out in today's blogpost.