Monday, February 11, 2008

Adrian Belew Power Trio in Guitar Player Magazine

So as I have been shouting all over the internet, the Adrian Belew Power Trio begin a month long tour starting one week from today, but according to the February, 2008 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, if you are going to the San Francisco show at Slim's on February 23, you have a chance to win something pretty spectacular!

Live Show Announcement! Guitar Player Presents Adrian Belew in San Francisco at Slim’s February 23 – Win Tickets and an Autographed Parker P-44 Guitar

February, 2008

Guitar Player is proud to work with Another Planet Entertainment and Parker guitars to present a one of the instrument’s most innovative players.

Adrian Belew became one of the most accomplished guitarists in Earth’s history by making otherworldly sounds with Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, David Bowie, and through his continuing work as the frontman for King Crimson. In GP’s 25 Anniversary Issue, Belew was counted among “25 Players Who Shook the World.”

Since 2005, Belew has released three solo studio recordings—Side One, Side Two, and Side Three [all on Sanctuary]. Belew described them in the May 2005 issue:

“There are three different brands of music I’ve discovered over the past few years,” he said. “The first was looping, which became the power-trio material featured on Side One. I would typify the Side Two style as DJ music, because it includes a lot of drum machines, loops, synthesizer pads, and a vocal that appears and repeats, but lacks verses and choruses. Side Three is more like most of my solo records—an eclectic mixture of different styles.”

Now he’s supporting a live solo effort, Side Four [Independent], which captures him recreating the solo material—plus a few Crimson gems—with bassist Julie Slick and drummer Eric Slick. “This is the best band I’ve ever had,” promises Belew.***

Belew will play his Signature Parker Fly Deluxe, a cutting edge instrument with a Sustainiac pickup, an RMC piezo hex pickup, MIDI capability, and Line 6 Variax modeling technology. Parker is providing a solid mahogany P-44 guitar to be autographed by Belew and given away to one lucky attendee, so be sure to come and sign the Guitar Player Presents mailing list for automatic entry in the free raffle.

Event Details:

Guitar Player and Another Planet Present:
Adrian Belew
Saul Zonana opens
Saturday, February 23 at Slim’s
333 11th Street in San Francisco
(415) 255-0333
8pm, $25
Free Guitar Player magazines, D’Addario strings, and one attendee will win a Parker guitar autographed by Adrian Belew
GP editors will be present

Contest Details
For a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, click HERE and put Belew in the subject of your email. Winner must provide own transportation to Slims in San Francisco and have his or her own accommodations in the Bay Area on February 23.
So how cool is that?

Okay, back to bed for me - my flu is now a full-fledged, horrible head cold and while I feel better because I no longer have a fever, there are few things that are as uncomfortable as not being able to breathe or taste. Bah! It's like twenty below zero outside today but I may want to go out for a walk just to clear my head.

Yeah, like that's possible.

***you know, when you look at some of the bands with whom Adrian has played, the fact that he says Julie and Eric are the best band he's ever had...oh God...for once I am rendered speechless.


Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

I'm SO looking forward to March 14th at BB King's!!!!!

Can't wait!

Feel better, hon...

katrina said...

What a beautiful photo of the trio. You must be so proud.

As an aside: we have the same political tastes. My Kucinich stickers and buttons had to go in the drawer to make room for Obama's.

Jeff Jankowski said...

Very much looking forward to the Buffalo show on March 8th! The last time I saw the trio it was a different lineup, and the youtube clips so far do not seem to do Eric and Julie justice. I need to experience this firsthand!! It's going to RAWK!!!! (ok...settling down. still have a month to go) :)

Tickledrop said...

Wow! This is awesome! I'm so excited about the next couple of weeks. For me, the non-musician, winning the guitar doesn't compare to seeing the Trio. Yeah, it would be great, but I'd be as excited just seeing the Trio! You know what I mean. So, you coming out to play?

Kram said...

Wow that Mark Colman guy in a genius!

Robin, I can do a bit of street team thing here in Portland if Eric needs someone. I don't have his email addy.

colmanphoto [at] yahoo dot com

RobinSlick said...

Aw, Kim, I can't wait, either. NY is always my favorite show...erm..tied with Philadelphia.

Kat, thanks! Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious we're on the same page in most things (though I'd like to be able to write like you!) so I'm not surprised about our political preferences.

Hey, Jeff - the Buffalo show will be awesome because they'll have played together almost every night for 3 weeks by the time they get there. You should hear the CDs from Japan when they played together all summer, and then twice nightly. They are so good they are scary and I agree, there's yet to be one You Tube that does the trio justice. Jeremy Sewell, however, took excellent video and I have the DVDs but pending future projects I can't make You Tubes out of them nor do I want to. But let's hope for one of his DVDs in the near future!

Rena, you mean you wouldn't want to own a signed Parker with Ade's signature? I don't play guitar but I'd still want that one (I used to but my family got tired of hearing The Girl from Ipanema, Malaguena, and Bouree over and over again since that's my repertoire...oh wait...I also know Coming in from Los Angeles which I scream at the top of my lungs). I can't be on this tour other than some east coast dates because of a host of reasons but one of these of these days...

Mark, I am so thrilled about your brilliant poster! I am having it autographed (yeah, I'm that corny) by all three band members, framing it, and hanging it over my fireplace in the spot of honor currently occupied by an original Peter Max though I'm going to have to find an equally cool spot for Peter. And thank you - I will have Eric write to you now.

LitPark said...

If my book edits are done (or if I can see the light at the end of the tunnel), I'm in on BB Kings, too.

Hope you feel better, Robin.


Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

OMG - Sue, you HAVE to come! AB3 is the best!

I'll even take off work early and we can all go for dinner first, if that enhances the incentive to endure the long train ride...

Tickledrop said...

Oh no Robin! You bet I would be beyond myself to win that guitar! I really couldn't imagine winning something like that. I would probably faint! Right there in front of everybody. Yeah. It would be awesome, but I'll be happy to see Adrian, your kids and the rest of the crew just the same.

But about those videos. Back in 2005 when I first saw the Trio, Jeremy recorded the Indy show and used it the next night in Ohio as a backdrop on stage. Good people and amazing videos. I look forward to seeing what Adrian does with them.

Okay ladies. Oh how I wish I could join you for the east-coast shows. Sue and Kim are getting me worked up. One of these days.

So really, you never learned Smoke on The Water? I thought any body that picked up a guitar could do that one. I better try that again. HA!

LitPark said...

Okay, but can you come babysit little Henderson boys for a week so I can actually get some work done?

They had no school today because it was Teacher Appreciation (aka, Writer Dis) Day, and then they're off again all next week. I may have to fake being sick to have the space to finish this book!

Applejam said...


is it me, or does Adrian look younger. Those kids of your must be the foutain of youth!

Can't wait to the see/hear the trio at BB Kings'!!

Matt Stevens said...

wish they would play in the UK!!!