Monday, January 21, 2008

Odds and Sods for Monday, January 21, 2008

I was looking over the archives of this blog the other day and realized that back in 2004 when I first started my journal, I was still working full time, Julie and Eric were still dependent, meat eating teenagers (and the four of us ate dinner together every single night) the whole family was still heavily involved in Rock School, and somehow I was able to make daily "saga" blog posts, crank out two novels, and write a hell of a lot of flash fiction and longer short stories.

Now I'm semi-retired, J&E are self-sufficient vegetarian adults who only live here part-time, and you would think I'd be pumping out War and Peace sized works these days. Or at the very least, never skipping a day without blogging. Au contraire, kimosabe.

I'm busier than ever but I think that's mainly because I've raised the bar for myself. I'm writing/editing two major novels simultaneously right now, one of which I've been working on almost three years, and I want them perfect. And to say I'm obsessed with that is putting it mildly. So please forgive the lag in keeping you updated here.

Of course the upside of that is today I have a bunch of cool stuff to report. Like, Julie Slick, who maybe one day will find the time herself to sit down with Scott Abernethy to finish her website, is now an official Lakland bass artist.

Lakland was just kind enough to send Julie the below Duck Dunn Signature Bass for her interview with the print version of Bass Player Magazine while they build her a custom Bob Glaub Signature Series bass for her upcoming tour, and that will be her main axe. (And please take note of the newest date added - the Milford Music Festival June 6-8, 2008 though it's my guess, since Dave Mason headlined last year, that they are the headliners for the June 7 or Saturday night show and I will let you know as soon as I find out for sure)

Yes, I know, that is one beautiful bass and one beautiful daughter...sitting underneath one beautiful Adrian Belew original painting.

Also, there is a very cool interview with Julie up right now at Ground Control Magazine.

In the interview, Julie says that she records and produces a local band, Cheers Elephant. Well, in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer, Cheers Elephant got an awesome mention in an article right on the front page of the Arts and Entertainment Section which you can read right here.

And I cannot believe another year has passed, but this Friday, Julie and I will be having her annual birthday lunch at Le Bec Fin. You can read the archives from January 2005, January 2006, and January, 2007. We've been doing those yearly celebratory lunches since Julie's 12th birthday and even though Le Bec Fin is outrageously expensive and pretentious, it's the world's most special place to celebrate a special occasion and oh my God, how is it possible that Ms. Julie will be twenty-two years old? But if you are new to this blog and peek into the aforesaid archives, you will see that every single year, we have a memorable experience so it is well worth every cent.

And what is Eric up to, you might be wondering?

Well, on Saturday he spent the day teaching in Wilmington, Delaware; then hopped a train to catch his good friends the Benevento Russo Duo at the Fillmore in Philadelphia...after which he took the red eye Greyhound to the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he had a lesson Sunday morning with Kenwood Dennard. I went into kind of neurotic mother mode knowing that Eric spent an entire night on a bus then walked out into subzero weather in Boston but as it turns out, he had an incredible time; Kenwood paid him some pretty high compliments (and if Eric were home to read this, he'd probably make me take that last sentence out but oh well, he's not here so I have free reign)...anyway, after that, Eric hopped a bus to Albany to hang out with his, um, special friend Katy and hmmm...since Eric isn't here to censor me, I have to post her photo because she's probably one of the most gorgeous girls (other than Julie) I've ever laid eyes on. She stayed at our house over the New Year holiday and I couldn't stop staring at her.

Oy, Eric is going to kill me for this but I could not resist. (Don't worry, Eric, I will take it down if you want me to but everyone who reads MySpace and Face Book already knows - I've gotten emails from friends WHO IS THAT ABSOLUTELY STUNNING GIRL WITH ERIC?????)

So Eric is hanging out with Katy until tomorrow, then he's hopping Greyhound once again for a gig tomorrow night with the Black Lodge Ensemble in Philadelphia.

Starting Thursday, he heads out on a mini-tour with Delicious, and here's the dates/times for that:



In a perfect world, I'll have more on the Delicious tour along with more links and posters later in the week.

But for now, I need to cut this off and get back to work. Though I do have a few final thoughts I want to share, just for fun.

Like, the following things make me crazy:

In a world where our government outlaws trans fats, why am I hearing radio and television commercials every five minutes for a certain evil corporate chain who is advertising a breakfast of Milky Way Hot Chocolate and a donut with thick chocolate icing studded with M&Ms? Why am I hearing two untalented white rappers on behalf of yet another evil corporation relentlessly singing I'm Into Nuggets Y'All, I'm into Nuggets Y'all for deep fried processed chicken bits and hey, hey, did I mention I'm into exterminating all bad white rappers for the good of mankind? (And as a side note: Are there any decent white rappers? I think not! And heh...that remark makes me doubly glad I've closed the comments section here)

And to end this rant, please, I'm begging you. Unless you are my brother, whom I love dearly and know for a fact is on the road constantly as a result of his job -- or you are my agent or an editor or publisher -- NEVER NEVER NEVER send me an email which says "Sent from my wireless blackberry".

I loathe those things. I loathe that expression. It makes my blood run cold. Don't ask me why, but it does. And if you send me an email with that at the bottom and I know for a fact you are just a normal person like me with regular access to a computer, I will hit "delete" without even reading what you have to say.

Okay. I feel better now. Off to gentle with my novel in progress. (Reference to Robert Fripp intended. He calls himself the cranky old goat; I relate so much to what he says sometimes I'm going to start calling myself the cranky old doeling).

Yeah, yeah, doeling is the proper name for a female goat. At least according to Google.