Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Project Object on Tour: Tonight in Madison!

Eric Slick at World Cafe Live October 14, 2007 (photo bt Gary Slick)

So tonight is the second to the last show on the Project Object Fall Surge Tour, and it takes place at the fabulous Majestic Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. What a beautiful venue that is - and I see Robert Fripp will be performing there in three weeks as well...you gotta love the synchronicity.

Tomorrow the tour wraps up in Cincinnati, and well, more on that later, I guess...I'm still searching around for reviews/articles on the Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago shows but haven't found any yet -- if anything pops up this afternoon or evening I will be back and post them.

In writing news, I had a flash (a story under 100 words) accepted today over Tuesday Shorts and I'm way psyched about it, especially as this is my second appearance there and I'm in esteemed company - some of the other notable authors published include Todd Zuniga, Jim Tomlinson...wait...what am I doing with those guys? (And err...Todd...in case you find this via a Google vanity search...and don't be shy, we all do them...where are the archives for Opium Magazine prior to 2007? I had a hard drive crash and lost two stories you published in 2004 and 2005 or is that 2005 and 2006...anyway...I'm dying to get them back as I have no other copies anywhere)

And err...note to my stalker: Coming to me from other writers' websites doesn't work though I'm impressed at the one you visited yesterday before clicking on his link to me - I would have thought his writing is way above your comprehension -- anyway, just to let you know, I am aware that you are here. I'm flattered, I guess, that you still want to drop in on me daily though as we all know, I'm simply irresistible so I know it's a hard habit to break har har but okay, as long as you don't use my name or habitually steal my "contacts", feel free to lurk and you can even have a virtual glass of champagne with me when I announce any upcoming big news. Cool? Cool!