Friday, October 19, 2007

Project Object on Tour: Tonight in Chicago!

Eric Slick with Project Object at the Chameleon, Lancaster, PA Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay, I am seriously wishing I'd arranged to spend this weekend in Chicago, where Project Object will be performing both Friday and Saturday evenings at Martyrs. The reviews keep coming in, each one more fantastic than the next.

And oh my god, Eric has been great about blogging this tour - he has another new entry right here.

in his latest post, Eric refers to a fan in Troy, New York wearing a "special" t-shirt - I'm taking the liberty of posting a photo because it's too cool for words and because I love Eric's face in this pic:

From the Zappa Forum Board:

"I've been to 3 ZPZ shows, and I must honestly say the Project/Object show Friday in NYC was more entertaining than all three.

The whole band was great, but I was most enthralled with Eric Slick and Andre's playing.

Slick was making faces the whole time, and really enjoying himself while he laid a rock-solid foundation to the songs

Andre was ATTACKING the guitar during his solos, and if i remember correctly his filthy habits solo had my jaw to the floor. He doesn't hold back, and takes chances.

Just as important as the accuracy with which these guys play is the FUN that they have. Much more loose than ZPZ, and they seem to have many more of those "inspired instances" when either the band is totally clicking together, or someone is creating a totally unique and amazing solo.

Someone definitely recorded this show, and I really can't wait until it shows up somewhere on the internet.

ZPZ still rules too"

"My video of the ridiculous performance of Apostrophe on Monday evening."
(and how cool, this person also included another Montana video from the Chameleon as well, so I'll post them both)



Okay, abbreviated post today but I'm still waiting for reviews from the Cleveland and Detroit shows last night and Wednesday so as soon as they pop up, I will come back on line (which I am trying to avoid while writing my new book) and edit this.

I'm ripping through chapters of "Bitten to the Core" and may actually have a first draft within weeks. Ah, it's so easy once the main character is already fully formed via my two previous books...and even easier when a new, wicked plot idea just kind of fell into my lap and encouragement/incentive came from Hollywood...