Friday, October 05, 2007

Monty and the Roll

ETA: THIS JUST IN: ERIC HAS CREATED HIS OWN BRAND NEW blog! I'd appreciate it if all of my "regulars" would link him. Cool? Cool!

So you might be wondering what Eric and Julie Slick are up to when they aren't on tour. Well, as you can see, they've been teaching Monty the dog how to speak English. Both Eric and Monty are addicted to LeBus brioche rolls and every time Monty sees Eric with one, he goes crazy. We, err, realized that he was trying to say the word "roll" and most of the time, he aces it, so Julie got out the video camera but then Monty got a little too excited and instead started barking, However, if you listen closely, you can hear him form the word a few times and you have to watch his paw action as he gets extremely frustrated when Eric doesn't reward him with a bite or two after he says the word.

What, you don't believe Monty can say "roll"? I guess you don't believe he can say "roof", either. Oh well - you'll eat your words when you see him on Letterman doing Brilliant Pet Tricks.

So, um, this isn't really a blog post - I just wanted to make my husband smile when he sees this for the first time while at work today. I do have tons and tons of exciting news, though -- both writing and music -- but the jinx factor prevents me from blabbing any of it just yet.

Stay tuned...major announcements on the way.