Thursday, October 25, 2007

Adrian Belew Power Trio Dates! Tickets go on sale tomorrow for Philadelphia show!

Project Object performing Zomby Woof with Eric Slick on drums, featuring guest star and what a coincidence -- Adrian Belew engineer/vocalist extraordinaire, Biff Blumfumgangne on violin in Madison, Wisconsin on October 23, 2007.

Oh my god, that rocks. Anyway..

Hey hey hey - here's the first of the confirmed Adrian Belew Power Trio tour dates for 2008 -- and note to those of you in Philadelphia, tickets go on sale tomorrow right here!

Eric Slick, Adrian Belew, and Julie Slick, September, 2007

02/19/08 The Triple Door
Seattle, Washington

02/20/08 Aladdin Theater
Portland, Oregon

02/22/08 The Crystal Bay Club Casino
Crystal Bay, Nevada

02/23/08 Slim's
San Francisco, California

02/24/08 The Coach House
San Juan Cap., California

02/26/08 Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach, California

02/28/08 Rhythm Room
Phoenix, Arizona

02/29/08 Santa Fe Brewing Company
Santa Fe, New Mexico

03/08/08 Tralfamadore Music Hall
Buffalo, New York

03/12/08 World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

03/13/08 B.B. King's Blues Club
New York, New York

03/14/08 Sunoco Performance Theater
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


belewbloggfan said...

Awesome job Rob!
Thanks heaps for pulling these altogether for us.....
You know, you never cease to amaze me - I would love to take some web savy lessons from you! I'm afraid I fail abysmally.... where can I buy a 12lb kosher turkey here on Vancouer Island?

Tickledrop said...

Let's party! 'Cause it's my birthday! Gonna party! Like it's my birthday! Well okay. So it's not really my birthday but it might as well be! HA I'm that excited about this! Ade's switched it all around this time too, with Seattle the first in a line of killer shows! Nevada, Slim's and Solano Beach! I can drive to those cities and will do just that, but knowing how much fun I had in NM and AZ last time, I just don't know yet! Makes it so hard to decide. Shit.

So which shows are you coming out for Robin? And Gary?

Thanks for posting the update too!


Pete Franke said...

Rena, you are cute! I guess this means you wont be coming out to the east coast, huh? Man, I had my smokin boots all shined up and everything, haha!

WCL AGAIN????!?! God, like I havent been there enough times already!! Oh...all right, Ill go!!


Joe said...

Why is it that every time the trio schedules a gig within an hour from my home, I'm inevitably scheduled to be somewhere a few thousand miles away??!! Why?? Why I ask???!! I want to see those guys SO MUCH.

Someday... someday...

Rock on!

RobinSlick said...

Aw, thanks Wendy. That's just a partial list for the Feb/March tour, by the way...and of course they are going global late spring/summer.
Ha ha - kosher turkey? I don't even do that...though my vegetarian daughter makes me by a free range breast which ends up costing more than my monthly mortgage payment but oh well...she's promising making things like side dishes of sweet potatoes and marscapone cheese and chocolate walnut bourbon tart for dessert so whatever she wants, she gets.

Rena! Yeah, let's party! I am thinking I'm doing the west coast dates (ooh, I am psyched about Lake Tahoe) and "letting" Gary do the rest.

Ha ha Pete, yep, I've been to the World Cafe Live more than a few times myself. Good thing I love it there. Now. My dream is that the tickets sell out and they add a second show March 11.

Aw, don't worry, Joe. They are going to tour all over the place including festivals (Eric is really going to push for Bonnaroo, Ade, if you are reading this ha ha) so you will get to see them. Plus, there are still dates to be added to the run I put up so you might be able to make one of these shows after all.

LitPark said...

Woops, I forgot to leave a comment about the cool videos, the awesome kids, your fabulous news, and MONTY. I just got a much tighter deadline dropped on me this week, so I'm off to clone myself so that all 10 of us can work at hyperspeed to get this ms in on time.


Tickledrop said...

Yeah, so I called a friend that has property up in north shore of Tahoe and she said, get ready for the snow!! omg! I didn't even think about that. Hmm... maybe our skiing friends will be out and about. I just know that since she said that, I can only think about pounding Eric with a hugh snowball! (Beware Eric - you have been warned!) Maybe the will love it so much that they reschedule for the summer too! I wish Ade's site would post the dates already!

Hey Pete. Those boots travel much? teeheeheeehee Nah. I still want to come back east too. It will happen. ;-)

Anonymous said...

sweet ! I'll do the portland date with my six year old daughter. It's about time she got to see a really rock shoe!

Scott said...


OK, just so we understand each other...

There MUST be a DC show.
You AND Gary MUST attend.
Me and MrsScott WILL take you to dinner.

End of conversation.

flasky said...

When does Minneapolis get some twang und drang? We are developing a complex...

RAC said...

Excellent! They're coming back to Santa Fe! If I'm still living here, that will be another great concert at the Brewing Company!

RobinSlick said...

Oh wow, snow didn't even occur to me...all I can remember is being in Las Vegas 3 years ago and being positive I was going to end up a melted splat on the highway. It's got to be incredibly beautiful - now I want to go even more. From San Francisco to sledding within days - how cool!

Hey, Portland - good idea! We took Julie and Eric to shows from the time they were 2-3 years old. I think Eric's first show was Peter Gabriel and Julie's was Clapton but 10,000 concerts later and dead brain cells, etc. I can't remember.

Scott: Okay! This is only a partial list as published on Pollstar and Jam Base; the one I saw has many more shows and one in D.C. on the 15th.

flasky: I dunno but you can bet I'll be at that one when they do -- that's where Neil Gaiman lives! Ha! (Actually, I did see some Chicago shows on the schedule...but yeah, that's still kind of far, huh)

Richard, you are leaving New Mexico? I thought you loved it there. Oh well, change is cool (and inevitable, huh)

RAC said...

I do absolutely love Santa Fe and there's only one reason I would leave. And change is cool, and inevitable, yes.