Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Julie Slick, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Today's photographs are part of an incredible collection on Flickr taken by Hepyaddakat in Atlanta, Georgia, August 22, 2007

A great post by Jewellworks:

"September 3, 2007 - Monday

adrian belew / julie slick

a quickie:

last friday, aug, 24th, i was working in Tampa. a weekend job, which is very unusual. got off earlier than expected and called Jerry.

"hey man, whatcha doin?"

"going to see adrian belew. ...arnt you?"


i was a little pissed, because i didnt know anything about it. ive known adrian personally for about 11 years now... off and on mind you, but ive been to his house... and here i didnt know any thing about the show! so i get there, jerrys on the guest list, im not, so i buy a ticket and go in.

i talk to martha at the merch table, and give her a hard time about not having "dust" for sale, then adrian starts.

i saw the show last year, and it was killer. but now its a year older, a year tighter, and a year BETTER! there was ALOT of improvising going on durring certain songs. Beat Box Guitar went on for over 15 mins! i stood right in front of julie slick, the 21 year old bass player.

now i know people in this forum appreciate good music and good musicians. julie and her younger brother eric, make up adrians band. an incredible rhythm section boys and girls!! eric plays a tiny 5 piece yamaha set, and julie plays fender P through an SVT pro head and cab. shes also the most unassuming bass playing SHREDDER youve ever seen!!! i couldnt take my eyes off her the whole night. she blew me away! she looks like a regular girl. not some "rock chick" or anything... -just a girl with little girl hands and fingers... youd never guess shes got chops from hell, and can rip your frikking head off!!

there are many long moments in adrians set that get really crazy. seriously atonal and dissonant, with insane polyrhythmic chaos going on... and julie keeps it all together. while shredding. she holds it down, moves it around, moves it forward, up and down, left and right... Give the bass player some!! julie slick ladies and gentelmen!!

after the show we were talking, and i told her what i thoughbt about her, and she was genuinly bashful about it. i dont think shes used to getting complimants. the show IS, afterall, an adrian belew show, and most people want to talk to him, and everything... i wanted to talk to her and give her the props she deserves. i made her blush.

the whole show really was fantastic. i had just seen the Zappa Plays Zappa show in cleveland about a month ago, and i didnt think anything could top that. the adrian show definately ranks right up there. im still diggin on it like mad. no one can play like adrian. he has too many gizmos and custom made thingamaigs... and thats what makes him unique. but i gotta tell you, bass players are pretty much naked. its either there or not. julie slicks got it. keep an eye and an ear out for her and her brother eric. theyre only 20 and 21 years old! theyve been on tour with adrian for over 2 years allready! THAT ought to tell you everything right there!

anyway... Julie Slick ladies and gentelmen. remember that name friends

Ha ha - the writer in me was dying to go in and edit that post, correcting all the, um, creative spelling and words used without apostrophes, etc. but then I decided it's kind of cool as is and who am I to change it. But oh god, it's hard...I really need to work on my various OCD defects...

Here's an email I got this morning from "The Mighty Boognish, a celebrity of sorts and wise man of the great Ween Forum Board...this following Eric's appearance with Dave Dreiwitz at Asbury Lanes on Friday night, August 31 (and to catch what that was like, I did put up a You Tube in the post below this one)

"Hi Robin,

How ya been? Thought I might see you last Friday night @ Asbury Lanes.

That was the first time I'd ever seen Eric play, and now I'm jonesin' to see him play again...with anyone, anywhere... it doesn't matter, HE ROCKS, PERIOD! Wish I could make it to Mexico...

Also, again, I have to tell you what a genuinely nice guy he is... totally friendly and he's also got a killer sense of humor. After the gig Friday night, we're all outside the venue shooting the shit at like 3 AM, and he's waiting for Dave Dreiwitz... so he gets out of Dave's car and he sees all of us out there and he's like "Hello ween forumers! Hi forumers! Woohoo forumers." I don't know why, it just struck me funny.

Rock on,



Thanks, Joe! Waking up to that email totally made my day.

Okay, that's it for now. I made a promise to myself to stay off line until I am finished the final selections for the "39 and Holding" Anthology I'm editing and that deadline is today...but if you visit my Publishers Marketplace Page you will see what else I'm up to this week...argh..not to quote Tom Petty or anything, but holy cow, he is so right. "The waiting is the hardest part"...