Friday, September 14, 2007

I am so proud of these personages -- I am touching better than in long time

So there we have the Adrian Belew Power Trio doing sound check in Mexico...well, the trio plus their amazing sound engineer Biff Blumfumgagnge...and really, I guess I don't have to say much more, other than it makes my soul rise to see how this band interacts both on and off the fact, it makes me so incredibly happy I think I'll post another photo of Mr. Eric Slick:

Life is pretty crazy right now -- in fact, I'm typing this poolside from the Beverly Hills Hotel while I wait for a limo to pick me up for a meeting...

Heh. Just kidding.

Or am I?

Oh well, enough about me. Here's a really great review coming out of the Mexico mini-tour, but the translation from Spanish to English is pretty funny so hopefully someone who speaks Spanish out there will click on this link and translate it for me properly in the comments section...but for now, here's the botched translation from Babblefish:

""This it is the best applause than we have received not to touch", joked the artist Adrian Belew conquers with impetus the scene of the Metropólitan theater

"The Work of Music is Hacerte to Feel Better"; Mission Fulfilled in the Concert

By: Tania Molina Ramirez

Hardly he had appeared in the scene, when the public excited one already was standing, receiving to Adrian Belew with a great ovación.

"This it is the best applause than we have received not to touch", he joked, accompanied of its bear and his drummer; Julie and Eric Slick, respectivemente, in the scene of the Metropólitan theater, in the second night of the Contemporary cycle live, in his 5ª edition.

It began to everything what gave, with a power impetus that followed the concert throughout, with little moments of calm.

Energy of combined young blood with the long experience of the virtuous estadunidense guitarist, that has accompanied to great personalities of the rock, from Frank Zappa to Nine Inch Nails, happening through David Bowie and The Talking Heads, but that mainly it is known being the guitarist of the legendary King Crimson, from years 80.

In this occasion Trio, integrated by the Slick brothers came with its project Adrian Belew, of 20 (Eric) and 21 years (Julie), that "renergetizaron my music. They are the best young musicians than I have listened in my life. Its way to touch is so expert, but simultaneously it has a so high level of energy that really causes that my music sounds new... and, of step, something sticks me to me. I am touching better than in long time ", it said in interview with the Day a pair of days before the Mexican ground presentations (Guadalajara, city of Mexico and Monterrey).

"I am so proud of these personages", summarized. And note. During the concert it does not let pass opportunity to return to present/display them to the public. And, sure for Eric and Julie also it is a privilege, by the experience. These young people, who live in Filadelfia, were students of Paul Green School of Rock when Belew knew them. They have been a year touching together, in Japan, Europe and the United States.

During the relatively short concert (like one hour and quarter), the trio interpreted pieces of King Crimson and the own project of Belew, with a powerful sound (and to very high volume), per moments near heavy metal.

The not very nourished public one (it filled more of first half of the armchairs in front of to the scene) was compensated with the enthusiasm of the present following faithfuls. During several occasions they were put of foot.

It is the first time that the masterful guitarist, who produced a pair of discs of Caifanes and Santa Sabina, made a tour with his own project in Mexico.

Belew, that also has touched with Cyndi Lauper, Laurie Anderson, Crash Dummies Test and Paul Simon, counted what to his to seem, it distinguishes it of other guitarists: "I have a quite ample vocabulary, I can emulate sounds, my ideas fit in very different musical styles. I enjoy discovering and experimenting sounds and causing that the guitar makes things that assumes that it would not have to do (like animal sounds)".

Ever since he was young "had good ear. To the five years, it could emulate singers of the radius. Also it could imitate personages of the cartoons. For some reason, I can discern of what the sounds are done."

When it explores new sounds do mainly through new equipment: "Right now I am doing much looping". And yes, in the concert he was present. "It is a way to cause that it sounds as if there was more than three people. The new material that I am writing is based on much looping."

Adrian Belew concluded the interview saying: "the work of music not only is to entertain, but hacerte to feel better with the life. When I do not feel well, just I put something of music and in a ratito I am grooving and feeling to me better, so, perhaps, that is the intention of the world of music ".

Fulfilled mission, judging by the faces of its followers leaving the Metropólitan Theater."

Pretty cool, huh.

Okay...I have to fly -- my fresh avocado/jack cheese omelet has arrived, along with fresh squeezed orange juice and champagne. I could get very used to this.

Oh, I'm kidding.

But seriously, I am going to be off-line for a while for vacation, etc. though I do hope to find an internet cafe/library and report back here from time to time over the next couple of weeks, and I will probably do one last long-winded blogpost tomorrow...unless I have something exciting to report later today/tonight.

You just never know.



LitPark said...

You're killing me, Robin.

Pete Franke said...

babblefish has left me bafflefished...

have fun Rob (and gary and the dog, and the kids when they show up, if they do). Ah, the beach!

spill one for me!


Daryl Darko said...

I WANT TO LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE THAT. Grow a Van Dyke and tell all the women my name is Johnny Depp. Then MAYBE I'll have a lucky day... really sweet tongue you touch me with, bambino!

Miztlahui from Mexico said...
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Miztlahui from Mexico said...

Dear Robin:

I'm very happy because I finally could upload 3 parts of "Eterna Luz" (the album that I almost finish) and my wife and me we will have our first child
Here we got a link to hear

2-"Pasos sobre el puente"
3-"Viaje al interior de las almas"

The three pieces has made with the same themes in 7/4 and 7/4 with a whole tone scale and the dodecaphonic 0-2-12 scale.

Hear it and post me a comment please, I really need your opinion.

Than you Robin, have a very nice week.

Eterna Luz

I hope you enjoy my music.

Can you play "Vacio" in some of your shows?

Thank you.

Scott said...

OK, I've survived the first week of no blogging. Well almost a week. Anyway, I hope you guys have an enjoyable vacation and look forward to reading all about it when you return.

Lemus said...

Hey... my english is far away from being excellent, for here is the translation of the newspaper report. At least im sure its better than the one made with blabberfish.

It was really nice to read about this great concert. I really enjoyed it

"this is the best applause we have ever recived for not playing"

Adrian Belew conquers with energy the stage of the Metropolitan Teather.

"the work of music its make you feel better" fulfilled mission in this show.

He just showed himself on stage, when an excited audiende was already standing, welcoming Adrian Below with a huge ovation.

"this is the best applause we have ever recived for not playing", he joked, along with his bass player and drummer, Julie and eric slick, in the stage of the metroplotitan teather, in the second night of the Contemporanea en vivo cicle, on its 5th edition.

Energy of young blood mixed with the long experience of the american guitar virtuoso, who has been partner (Traductor note: ehhh, thats not the exact translation, but its almost the same) of huge rock stars, from Frank Zappa to Nine inch nails, david Bowie and the talking heads, but he is mostly know for being the guitar player of the legendary king crimson cince the 80s

This time, he came with his Adrian Belew Trio project, integrated for the Slick' brothers, of 20 (Eric) and 21 (Julie) years old, that "Re energetizated my music. They are the best young musiciands Ive ever listened in my life. The way they play its so advanced, but at the same time it has a huge level of energy that makes my music sounds like new... and, by the way, I get some of that. Im playing better than in a long time" he said on interview with La Jornada newspapper a couple of days before the shows in lexican soil (Guadalajara, Mexico city and monterrey)

"Im so proud of this guys" he said. And you can notice that. During the show, he doesnt miss the chance to intoduce them again to the audience. And of course, for Eric and Julie its a privilege too, 'cos of the experience. The young people, who live in Philadelphia, were students of the Paul Green School of rock when Belew met em. They have been playing together for a year, at Japan, Europe and USA.

During the relatively short concert (About an hour and fifteen), the trio played songs from King Crimson and from Belew's own project with a really powerfull sound (And with really high volume), sometimes close to heay metal.

Maybe not enough audience (But the whole first floor was full), this was compensated with the entiusasm of die hard fans. Several times they made standing ovations.

This is the first time that this guitar master, who was the producer of a couple of albums of Caifanes and Santa Sabina, makes a tour with his own project in Mexico.

Belew, who ahs also played with Cyndi Lauper, Laurien Anderson, Crash test dummies and Paul Simon, commented about what he thinks it makes him different to other guitar players "I have a wide open vocabulary, I can emulate sounds, my ideas can fit in diferent musical styles. I really enjoy finding and experimating with sound and making the guitar sound like things isnt supossed to do (Like anumal sounds)"

Since he was a child "I had a good ear. At the age of five, i was able to emulate singers from the radio. Also characters from cartoons. For some reason, I can find of what the sounds are made"

When he is exploring new sounds, he make it trough new equipment. "Right now Im using a lot of looping". And yes, that was on the show. "Its a way to make it sound like if there were more than 3 people on the band. The new material im writings its based in lots of looping".

Adrian Belew finished the interview saying "the work of music is not only entratain, but make you feel better in life. When im not feeling well, i just put some music on, and in a while, im grooving and feeling better, so maybe, thats the purpose of the music world"

fulfilled mission, judging when you see the faces oh his fans leaving the teather.

Miztlahui from Mexico said...

...I hope someday you and Adrian hear my showcase...