Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A disclaimer of sorts, but still way cool!

Real quick because I'm multi-tasking like crazy tonight (bleh) - but you know I had to write to the author of the below blogpost and ask for a clarification and he was very cool and was actually surprised that his blurb was already out there in cyberworld and found by Dick Tracy here(ha)...and he wrote me a very nice, apologetic email that confirmed what I sort of figured out on my own.

So he rewrote his post and now it makes more sense (to me, at least)...but as I said, still very, very cool nonetheless. Awesome, in fact.

NW Soberstock blog.


Mike Sasenick said...

Foot in mouth but not intentionally - I found your site - my God - I must have put the buzz out - I am a pretty fluid writer - but I do close and then reread before I actually publish - so I was really surprised to see that everyone was able to see my blog when it was supposed to be in the hello world stage - I realize now that the sentence "I also received notice from Robert Fripp, David Byrne, PUSA and a few others - so this thing just continues to grow." would lead people to think I have them all - no, but I heard from them and a few of them are interested perhaps even next time - and that is a start. What I do have is an awesome venue - Marymoor Park in Redmond on Sept 15th, and an awesome festival whose mission is to offer clean and sober concerts to
the next generation as an alternative to the drug
scene that is inescapable in modern day venues. We are hopeful this thing grows and have had incredible support from the community and also from the artists - so please accept my humblest apologies for yet again causing an uproar - I am rather new to all this - and though smart - somewhat human. I have to say I absolutely loved hearing from Robin and - who knows - what I wrote and was misperceived may one day be:) I have the faith now more than I ever had - and believe me - things sure are different today.

dennis mahagin said...

Hi Robin!


As long as you are
multi tasking...

I'm hereby taggin' ya. ;)

Blame it on Susan D,
and Paul Toth.

My blog has all the details:


ps... hope your summer is going
swimmingly. ;)


RobinSlick said...

Hey, Mike...it all sounds so exciting and wonderful - I am thrilled for you, your friends, and all of the musicians involved.

Oh god, Dennis. I thought you were my friend. Okay. I will get to this in a day or two when I'm feeling a bit more creative and awake.