Monday, July 02, 2007

Can This Be True? Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, David Byrne...and Julie and Eric Slick?

No, Julie Slick does not play the drums, but this crazy photo somehow fits this post because it reflects the way I feel right now...alternating jumping up and down between staring with glazed eyes into space (Taken at Studio Belew, June, 2007)

Look, I admit to knowing nothing about this until just reading the news below...other than I know the Adrian Belew Power Trio is going on a west coast tour September 7-15 and that they are playing Seattle, WA on September 15. So you can imagine what I am going through having just discovered this:...


A lot has happened since we opened our business - it all started with me getting sober - I was almost dead - weighing 170 lbs. at 6′3″ and was indifferent towards life. I had a friend call and the power of the universe spoke through him. For some reason, I answered the phone that day and heard a friend who did not want to go to my funeral - it took a couple of days to decide to go to treatment - I was afraid of losing my job, etc - but at the risk of all and death knocking at my door - I went. When I got out - I wanted to get a music festival together in a clean and sober setting and wrote many of my favorite artists. Adrian Belew wrote back and we signed him as our headliner last Friday. Trey Gunn was than enlisted and so I will have 3 of the four members of the last King Crimson group on stage Sept 15th. I also received notice from Robert Fripp, David Byrne, PUSA and a few others - so this thing just continues to grow. We enlisted Talking Rain as a sponsor today and yesterday - two most beautiful women joined the company - I must not say my company anymore - LOL. I welcome any comments to this blog and hope that you see the importance of offering great music in a clean and sober environment for the next generation of kids and for those of us who are older yet childlike. I thank Amy Kneelan and Rachet Galberth for their support and warmly welcome them to this amazing journey. I am still hoping no one wakes me up.


Um...I'm hoping no one wakes me up, either.

Holy freaking cow.

ETA: Wait...I just found the actual website. It looks like it was updated last week before the most recent additions, and I see they are listing Pat Mastelotto as well. Oh god.

But now I'm wondering whether "receiving notice" means they accepted or not because that's not exactly a definite "yes", is it? and maybe when he says 3 members of the last Crimson he's talking about Adrian, Trey, and Pat? Hey, who cares! Whatever the configuration, it's totally awesome!

When I know for sure, I will let you know though I'm guessing both Adrian and Robert will be writing about it in their journals as well if in fact it's really a go.