Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Beautiful Surprise

Adrian Belew and Eric Slick, Quebec, July 11, 2007

"Adrian Belew will have constituted a beautiful surprise, even under the rain, with the Park of the Francophonie."

Well, that's the Babblefish translation of a fabulous wrap up of the Quebec Summer Music Festival in leSoleil Newspaper, which naturally is written entirely in French but if you are so inclined, you can find the whole article, along with the above rather wonderful photograph, right here.

Okay, I am in big trouble. Sob. My computer crashed. I'm typing this now from a friend's office. If my hard drive is fried, I will jump out a window.

Just kidding. Actually, the techie who has my Mac right now says it appears to be a systems operations problem and I should have my computer back all fixed and happy within a week. But I'm heartbroken because I've been unable to instant message Julie and Eric and find out how things are going; I can't read any reviews of the shows, and I'm just picking up two days worth of email now -- I have so much I can't possible get to it all.

I am so desperate I may go the Free Library tomorrow and get on line there so if anyone wants me or has any news, email me anyway.

Ugh, I never realized how much I needed my computer. It's not a good feeling. I may be learning a valuable lesson here.

Anyway, since I'm in a rush, I don't have time to translate any reviews coming from Japan or do much other web surfing, but I did see this on Adrian's blog so I'm copying it here - it was in his comments section:

"Hello Adrian

I am Stig who attended your 2nd set at opening night of the Blue Note Tokyo concert (the guy who makes cartridges for playing vinyl records).....

I had a totally fun night listening to you and your compatriot musicians. GREAT SHOW & GREAT MUSIC!

It was also great talking to you after the set.

I hope to make it to another session before you wrap up on Sunday night. First time in a very long time I felt a performance good enough to want to visit twice (in a week).....

Maybe I will follow your advice of bringing along someone I DON'T KNOW!

Keep up the good work. We are all getting older, but I am sure you will go out with a BIG BANG! (when you're 84)


So that is cool. And also, Ellen and Dennis - I know you tagged me with that MEME...and I didn't want to do it because I can't think of eight random things about myself I haven't already blabbed here over the past three this my higher power's way of punishing me for groaning and trying to get out of it?

Oh well. Gotta fly. Sob.