Saturday, June 16, 2007

Eric Slick at Bonnaroo, or, the shameless name dropping post from hell.

Yeah! Thank you to Jambase for posting Bonnaroo pics live from the festival...and what do you know, there's Eric on the right playing his crazy doumbek.

Err...not a bad gig to have, huh. Playing percussion at Bonnaroo for a fire eating, beautiful belly dancer.

That's just the half of it

I have to admit, I'm laughing my ass off. Everyone at Bonnaroo, which is wireless, has brought their laptops. So instead of a bunch of hippie freaks dancing and partying at this concert, you have a bunch of geeks blogging. Don't believe me? Check out Google Blogsearch for Bonnaroo.

Nah, it's sold out and there are 80,000 people there. Probably 75,000 are partying and 5,000 are busy reporting on the internet.

But still. My, my, how things have changed since Woodstock 1969.

So yeah, Eric called me and I immediately had to ask who he was hanging with.

"Well, I had breakfast and dinner with Lewis Black, right now I'm sitting across from the Flaming Lips, last night I hung out with Dr. Dog and they made me a cheese sandwich but really, the food backstage is incredible - they have all this stuff for vegetarians and I'm really eating great -- um...I had a long conversation with Danny Carey of Tool.

Me: Oh yeah? What did you talk about?

Eric: I kidded him that I had to learn all of his drum parts when I started playing with Adrian Belew.

Me: Oh, how cool. What did he say?

Eric: Just how much he loves Adrian and what a great guitarist he is and then Eenor walked over and introduced himself and told me how much he loves Adrian...

Me: Who is Eenor?

Eric: He played guitar with Les Claypool of Primus.

Me: Wow. Who else?

Eric: Lots of people. Oh no. You aren't going to put this in your blog, are you?

Me: Um...

In other Eric Slick news, Eric is now being endorsed by Vater Drum Sticks; his pic will be appearing on the website shortly but for now, they've got his name listed along with the type of sticks he uses.

Here's the official announcement of his endorsement from Paiste Cymbals.

And naturally I have to add a few blurbs I found on line, in particular, from the Harmony Central Forum Board:

"Even as I'm typing this it seems like one of the dumbest questions ever asked, but Adrian Belew is playing a club here in a week and a half and I'm hemming and hawing as to whether to go. I'm familiar with his work with Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads, and King Crimson's Discipline (and I liked all of it), but I really have no idea what to expect. I like oddball players, but my concern is that a whole show with him as the primary artist might become a little tedious. Tack on the cost of drinks, parking, fear of DUI, etc., and I've found myself becoming more selective with the concerts I choose to attend.

Has anyone seen him live? Is this worth checking out?"


He's incredible.

Hell, go just to see his drummer, Eric Slick. He's a monster."

Ha ha - I like that.

And from the Zappa website Kill Ugly Radio:

"Eric Slick was 18 when i first saw him playing with Project/Object a year or so ago…Eric Stole THE SHOW- hands down, one of the best drummers I’ve seen in a long time.

He’s been doing stuff w/ Harford, and Ween and keeping busy w/ them North easterners.

I can’t find any great clips of him, but this is an interesting version of Magic Fingers where he’s playing the drums- doesn’t really display his talents, but nonetheless

Film clip"

Whoa, that is a cool You Tube. I think I may have posted that here before because it stars my girl Katie Jacoby, the brilliant electric violinist, and Julie's boyfriend Matt on bass.

Hey, there's a pretty decent review of Three Days in New York City up at Blog Critics today and I'm pretty stoked because they get like a million readers a day. So that made me happy as I work on some other things...things which shall remain a secret for now but I hope to reveal them shortly.

Okay, time to stalk the Bonnaroo Festival some more. In case you are interested, there is a live video/audio stream, and you can access it right here from 1:45 p.m. eastern until midnight through Sunday, June 17. Maybe you'll see Eric watching from the wings or out in the audience. The band with whom he's playing, Gypsy Hands Tribal Band, is not being filmed to my knowledge but oh my god, watch the live stream anyway and have a look at the utopia that is Bonnaroo. Man. It's truly incredible. What a lucky guy my son is.