Friday, May 04, 2007

Odds and Sods for Friday, May 4, 2007

So it's official -- I'm the world's worst photographer but I did manage this ten second avi of Eric and The Breakfast...just ignore the five seconds seconds of floor shots and you'll be fine.


As I posted yesterday, Eric sat in with The Breakfast last night and it was amazing. What a band The Breakfast is -- and they have a pretty awesome drummer in their own right, Adrian (seems to be a favorite name for our family) fact, he's a multi-instrumentologist like Eric because while Eric was drumming Adrian was doing some nasty-in-a-good way licks on guitar. And Tim Palmieri is just an absolutely fantastic guitarist as evidenced by the video I posted yesterday. Their bass player is freaking awesome, too, and it makes me weep that a band like this is playing in small venues when they should be ruling the world. What the hell is wrong with this country? When did people completely lose their taste and minds and stop buying/appreciating real music? Why are we letting corporations run our lives? Ugh...okay, I'm finished, but it just makes me so damned angry.

Okay, I'm calm now.

Some more cool news regarding the Belew tour -- Eric is playing all four days at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee, and as soon as he wraps up on June 17, he's heading straight for Adrian's house in Nashville. Julie is flying down that evening as well, and the trio will then rehearse new songs to add to their set in preparation for the east coast swing the following week. They will be doing a warm-up show in Nashville on June 19, and a Washington, D.C. show has been added for June 21. I'll post venues and links as soon as I have the information.

Following their July tour in Japan, they are looking to tour the west coast again before Julie returns for her final semester of college in September so how cool is that...this time I really need to fly out for a couple of the shows.

In writing news, holy cow, the ladies at RT were even more outrageous than first reported here. Photos have surfaced in a lot of the author chats which have even caused my jaded jaw to drop. Naughty, naughty girls and no men involved. Hahahaha - I hate to say it, but my decision to cut out early every night and go to my own, single occupant room, was a good one. But hey, I'm not passing judgment, everyone looks like they are having a blast, and I must admit, I enjoyed those photos but no, no, I cannot post them here.

I know I mentioned this before but now that I'm officially on the website along with photo I need to post it again...I'll be on a panel at The Backspace Writers Conference from May 30-June 1 where I will be discussing Writing the Edge, which means writing outside the mainstream and I'm really looking forward to it. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not in my RT post here the other day, but weirdly enough, I'd just learned I was going to be on this panel with fellow author Jackie Kessler and while at Club RT, I looked over and saw a sign "Jackie Kessler" and couldn't believe it -- I mean, she's from New York, I'm from Philadelphia, and there we both were at this convention in Houston -- so I introduced myself and after meeting Jackie, I'm a hundred times more relaxed about the conference.

The brand new issue of Noveltown Review is now officially out and some really nice people have written to me to let me know how much they enjoyed and related to my column on blogging. I am currently writing a column for their next issue which is going to be all about the RT Convention and look out, I'm not holding back! You guys got the homogenized version in my blogpost but for Noveltown I will tell all. By the way, here's a great write-up complete with photos of the Noveltown launch party.

Man, I'm really tired. Eric didn't even go on stage until almost midnight and I didn't get to sleep until well after that. So I think that's it for today.