Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Awesome Writer Post

The beautiful Hyatt Hotel, where I'll be attending a book convention and signing in three weeks

So since there is a rare lull in music news in the Slick household and it's suddenly occurred to me that I'll be traveling across the country in a few weeks to party, network, sell and sign books with authors and fans from literally all over the world for five crazy, fun-filled days here, I thought I would point out a few authors who are really, really special and talented and make my soul rise. But before I do that, oh god, I just realized that because we are assigned alphabeticallly to "signing tables" at the book fair, I will be sitting next to the infamous Christina Skye. She's a most interesting woman with thousands and thousands of fans so while people snake in long lines for her autograph, I can only hope I pick up her overflow. Note to self: Buy lots of chocolate to hand out. I'm serious. Christina is terrific and it's kind of humbling to watch her fans approach her one by one, some unable to speak because they're so choked up over the profound effect her books have had on them. Cool, huh?

Anyway, back to some friends of mine.

First of all, I make no secret that I'm a big Theresa Boyer fan and I was thrilled to nominate her brilliant story, Waxing Razal for the Million Writers Award. Seriously. Read that story and learn from a master. Or mistress. Ha. Whatever.

Also, had she not already been nominated, I would have also put in a vote for Kat Denza and her incredible piece, Snake Dreams. Another must read and I see it was the lst runner up in the Storyglossia Fiction Prize, 2006.

Another amazing story comes courtesy of Richard Grayson entitled La Difficulte d'Etre. After you read Richard's short story, click on the link to his bio where I guarantee you will be completely spellbound.

Some of my pals have been interviewed lately as well.

Author Kelly Spitzer interviews Dave Clapper.

Dave is the editor/founder of Smokelong Quarterly, which, as I've said on many occasions, is probably one of the finest 'zines out there, along with Juked. Both Dave and John Wang, editor of Juked, have an incredible eye for literature and can tell the difference between talent and "unstructured, ungrammatical, airheaded shit". (I'm quoting a friend who shall remain nameless because he threatened to kill me if I mention him in my blog. Just kidding...but he knows I love his lines and steal them whenever I can)

While you are on Kelly's website, please also read her sparkling conversations with four of my other favorite writers -- here are the links:

Interview with Ellen Meister;

Interview with Alicia Gifford;

Interview with Kathy Fish;

Interview with Mary Akers.

These are not only brilliant women but extremely classy ones -- people who neither flaunt their talent nor whine about themselves or the publishing world -- they are graceful, lovely people and it's a joy to know them and read their work.

Also interviewed this month is my usual favorite suspect, Susan Henderson, who gives us yet more insight into her incredible mind over at Insolent Rudder, and while I was lifting that link, I saw that the insanely fabulous Jeff Landon is the author spotlight this quarter and let me tell you, that is one funny man and one hell of a terrific writer. I strongly suggest you google him, as well as the others mentioned like Alicia Gifford, Kathy Fish et al and read a lot of their work. You'll not only have a wonderful read but again, you may even learn something.

I know I've left some people out -- take a look at my reading recommendations on the right hand side, for one thing -- but it's early and I've got to fly for now -- so there will definitely be "The Awesome Writer Post - Part II" coming your way in the very near future. Count on it!