Monday, April 23, 2007

And in case you were wondering where the Adrian Belew Trio will be playing on June 24, 2007...


8:30-11:00: WEEN
6:30-8:00: SOR All-Stars w/Skunk Baxter
4:30-6:00: The Benevento/Russo Duo
3:00-4:00: Stinking Lizaveta
1:30-2:30: The Mike Keneally Trio
12:00-1:00: Local Branch Upgrade (?)
11:00-11:45: PGSORM Shred Contest Rd 1


8:30-10:00: Bad Brains
6:30-8:00: SOR All-Stars w/Vernon Reid
5:00-6:00: The Bouncing Souls
3:30-4:30: The Adrian Belew Trio
2:00-3:00: Dandelion
1:00-1:45: Rudy and Blitz
12:00-12:45: McRad
11:00-11:45: PGSROM Shred Contest Finals

So yeah, there's supposed to be a big press release with this but someone from the Ween forum board just gave me a heads up that the news is officially "reportable" because the announcement and poster was made in their forum by Ween's's the deal.

Originally, the Saturday line-up was the Sunday line-up and The Adrian Belew Power Trio was playing with Benevento/Russo, Mike Keneally, and Ween as the headliner. Which worked well for Eric Slick, drummer, as he is also drummer for the Mike Keneally Trio, which features Bryan Beller on bass. But then the Bad Brains were added as a headliner and they could only do Sunday, so the line-ups were switched.

Problem was, the Adrian Belew Trio had already worked a short east coast mini-tour around the SOR Fest, and are playing at the Sellersville Theater on Saturday night. So the trio decided to stick with the Sunday schedule and yep, play on the same bill as McRad (and to make this a little more incestual, Julie occasionally sits in on bass with them and whether she will at the festival is still up in the air but she'd do it in a heartbeat if asked) and Bad Brains.

But let me tell you what this means for the Slick family. Eric still wants to play with Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller on Saturday.

So. Here's what we must now do to make all of this work. The Belew trio's first night of shows on this tour is Friday, June 22 at Rams Head Live in Anapolis, Maryland. We'll be at that show and then take Eric home with us and head out to Asbury Park early Saturday morning so that he can play with Keneally. Then, when he's done, we will then drive 100 miles to the Sellersville Theater where he will do a show with Adrian that night. As if that's not enough, he will return to Asbury Park Sunday morning, because he's doing a side stage gig there with Dave Dreiwitz of Ween in the band Crescent Moon, followed by his gig with Adrian. While Eric is playing with Crescent Moon, Julie may very well be on another stage playing with McRad...but again...McRad does have a regular bassist so that part of the deal may be moot.

Still with me? After Eric and possibly Julie get done their side stage gigs, they play 2 hours with Adrian, then head to BB Kings in New York City for a show there with the Belew Trio on Monday night.

I figure we're going to log about 500 miles on our car that weekend, but who cares?


(Regarding the above posted line-ups: The bands are obviously listed in reverse time order. I'm still giggling over someone at the Ween forum board thinking Ween is playing at 8:30 A.M.

Alas, we will not be accompanying the Belew Trio to Japan. We have a beach house and will go there for two weeks and most likely stare catatonically at the walls for a couple of days before we can decompress.

P.S. I do believe that those of you lucky enough to attend will be treated to an Adrian Belew/Vernon Reid jam...and how freaking funny, someone on Adrian's blog just asked him in the comments section if they are friends...I mean, they asked him a couple of days ago before anyone knew about this show, which is way freaky.