Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Days Are Just Too, Too Cool (posted last night but edited to add this morning)

Hey, I got another present from the almighty You Tube -- a two minute clip of the Adrian Belew Power Trio performing Beat Box Guitar in Villa Montalvo on November 10, 2006. And if you think it sounds cool, well, click on the banner under the heading of this blog and download the entire song...

And I shivered a bit to see my kids' names mentioned/linked with Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, et al right here.

In writing news, one of my favorite flash fiction authors, The High Priestess of Flash Fiction, Kathy Fish, has a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant piece up at groovy Juked. If you're a short story writer, read this and learn from the master. Kathy would never describe herself that way...she's far too I will do it for her.

Also, you really need to read the latest edition of Smokelong Quarterly which contains stories by two of my favorite people -- the amazing Myfanwy Collins and the scarily talented Tom Saunders. Actually, Smokelong is one of the best lit mags out there -- their editors are incredibly author friendly. Just have a look at the artwork (by the magnificent Marty Ison) author interviews, assorted's just a beautifully done publication and I'm proud to say I once had a story and interview in there myself.

And err...speaking of interviews, Nick Belardes interrogates (heh) me today on his website and I've been laughing my ass off since I saw it. Nick asked me to send him some cool, creative photos to accompany his piece and I had a really hard time with that so I ended up giving him the URL for my photobucket site and Oh.My.God what a mistake that was. Ha! Between the photoshopping and the captions, I may have to go into hiding for a while.

Just kidding - he did a fabulous job and once I can stop laughing, I'll probably start worrying that people will find that image of me kissing the dog via googling beastiality and I'll have yet a whole new crop of weird, disturbed readers.

Bring 'em on!

And I know I got an email from Word Riot that my story, Beautiful, was going live today in their 5th anniversary issue, but so far they have not updated their site. Maybe later tonight? Keep clicking on the link...

That was myself I was talking to...I'll probably click on that damn link 1,000 times before crashing face down on the desk tonight. Lots to do...and it's all good.

ETA: Yes! Word Riot did in fact come can read my story right here! And oh man, I just realized what stellar company I'm in...