Monday, March 19, 2007

How 'bout Some Breakfast?

So thank you to Dave at The Breakfast who enabled embedding on one of my all time favorite You Tubes -- Project Object performing Cosmik Debris with Eric on drums and special guest Tim Palmieri from the Breakfast on lead guitar. In fact, I love this You Tube so much I've made it a permanent feature on the right hand side here. Also note that I've added some new reading recommendations over there as well -- I highly suggest you check them out.

And why do I bring up The Breakfast? Because they'll be performing this Saturday night at the North Star Bar, and Eric's sitting in on two songs -- Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus by Zappa and Big Bottom by Spinal Tap. What's crazy is that Eric's only able to do this because The Breakfast isn't going on until 11:00 p.m. and they're playing two sets because at 7:30 p.m. that same evening, Eric's doing a short set with Dave Dreiwitz in New York City as follows, as per the Ween Forum Board:

Crescent Moon Live in Brooklyn March 24 (early show)

"Crescent Moon will be performing at the new Luna Lounge in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn...any folks coming in for the Gene een shows have something to do Saturday's an early one:

7:30 Crescent Moon
8:30 Half Cleveland(w/chris butler ofr the waitresses)
930 Sounds of Greg D
10:30 Kapow
11:30 TK Webb

Eric Slick will be the featured drummer with Crescent Moon

The Luna Lounge 361 Metropolitan $8"


"Crescent Moon! YAY!"

"Quote: Eric Slick will be the featured drummer with Crescent Moon"



Yeah, so Eric's basically gonna play the gig with Dave in New York, immediately hop on Greyhound, and get to Philly just in time to jam with The Breakfast.

His kind of night! And yeah, yeah, his groupie parents (ha) will attend because thankfully the North Star is only six blocks away from our house. Yeah!

Eric's also got this coming up:


ELLIOTT LEVIN - 'flautist-sax-ist-spoken-word-ist' extraodinaire backed by the dynamic duo Eric Slick and dmc*...special surprise guests, too!

CETUS - Avant Metal from the Gutter fronted by Rock School graduates Nick and Matt H. You saw Matt H peel the paint off the walls last month, now see him thrash this place fo real!

The Trio Nero - instrumental excursions into the heart of darkness starring our own Nero Catalano.

Women - Bill Rooney is the Man, The Musical!

m*callen - secret solo project (guitars, wailing, laughter, etc)

Friday March 30 8pm @ The Black Lodge
1508 Brandywine st.
$2 admission records & cds for sale!
So that's the news in my son's world -- daughter Julie, thank God, takes a few finals this week and then goes on a belated Spring break where I hope to get in some quality time with her -- okay, what I really mean is that I really hope the two of us get to hit some cool new restaurants together but naturally the ridiculous has happened -- I got hit with jury duty again next Tuesday. That's twice in two years and absurd, especially since I'm automatically disqualified once they learn (again, for like the 5th time in five years) I'm not only a writer, I worked as a legal assistant for over two decades and know practically every lawyer in Philadelphia as well as having some definite opinions about the legal system, meaning, in civil cases I'm 100% pro Plaintiff and in criminal cases, man, if I think you ever even held a gun in your idiotic little hand and have the slightest feeling you would use it, well, let's just say you do not want me as your juror and I thought I made that perfectly clear to the judge the last time I was on the proposed juror stand...but oh well, this is what I get for being a registered voter in Philadelphia.

The worst part of the experience is that they are under the assumption that all prospective jurors are illiterate morons (well, they probably aren't too far from the truth) so they make you watch a film that tells you step by step how to answer each query on the juror questionnaire as if you can't read or write, and the last time...and this is completely awful...they had some one hundred year old, retired judge warm us up first by cracking some really lame and pointless jokes. It was like being in the audience at the Jerry Springer Show.

Or how I imagine that would be, anyway. Sigh...

So to save it from being a completely wasted day because trust me, I'm going to be left for eight hours to sit in the waiting room while others are assigned to trial, I'll print out a copy of what I hope is my finished novel and go over it again all day with a red pen and probably end up wishing I was in fact an eligible juror.

The only good news is that there are lots of great restaurants near the Criminal Justice Center and they do give you two hours for lunch, so Julie? Don't make any plans for next Tuesday afternoon.