Friday, March 23, 2007

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Eric's new Paiste cymbals are just too awesome, aren't they? Photo by Gary Slick taken last month at the Belew Power Trio show in Dayton, Ohio.

Okay, the cat's out of the bag -- the author who scored the deal with her brilliant debut novel is the one and only Susan Henderson. Not only that, it's her birthday on Sunday. As I just told Sue, not only is she a remarkably talented writer, I really do believe karma played a role in her successs - she is one of the most unselfish people I've ever met -- a tireless advocate for other authors -- and if you are a regular visitor to her above linked website, LitPark, you are already aware of that and are as thrilled for Susan as I am.

So congratulations and Happy Birthday, Sue!

In other writing news, thanks to another incredibly gifted writer and die-hard Zappa fan, Theresa Boyar, for linking my blog entry containing the Cosmik Debris You Tube with son Eric on drums, Ike Willis on vocals, and Tim Palmieri of The Breakfast on lead guitar. In reading Theresa's post, she also mentions that it's nomination time again for the Story South Million Writers Award for best fiction published on line during 2006. I took a look at the nominees so far and was thrilled to see that one of my personal favorites, Snake Dreams by Katrina Denza has already been nominated at least twice. Like Theresa, I take these awards very seriously and am currently seeking out my favorite writers to see if they have anything over 1,000 words published last year which would qualify. Right off the top of my head, if Theresa, Myfanwy Collins, Jordan Rosenfeld, or Kathy Fish, who is too modest/humble to have a website even though she's got a book coming out herself chock full of her brilliant flash fiction are eligible, I will be nominating them later today.

I was also slightly amused to see that there were authors who actually nominated themselves. Oy. If you are one of those writers, see my comment about Susan above and learn. But not before you self-flagellate yourself first, you egomaniacs, you. Ha!

Nah, no one that narcissistic visits my blog. You guys are all so cool it's ridiculous.

And now for the exciting music news I know you've all been waiting for. While I obviously have already known about this for weeks, I was waiting for the powers in charge to announce it, and now that I see that Mike Keneally, guitarist extraordinaire, has it on all of his websites as well as his newsletter which I've cut and pasted below, I guess it's okay to blab it to the world:


The location of the Paul Green School of Rock Festival on June 23 and 24 is Asbury Park, NJ. Still don't know the venue. Again, we're (we being me, Bryan Beller and Eric Slick) playing on the 24th, on a bill being headlined by Ween, and also including Adrian Belew and the Benevento/Russo Duo, as well as the School of Rock All-Stars. A thoroughly fantastic day of music! Can't wait. As usual, more details soon."

Okay, here's what I do know. Yep, Eric will be kicking off the Sunday, June 24, 2007 portion of the festival in the afternoon sitting in on drums with the brilliant Mr. Keneally and the equally brilliant Bryan Beller on bass, followed by a performance by...yay!...the Adrian Belew Power Trio featuring Eric on drums again and Ms. Julie Slick on bass. So basically my son gets to play three hours straight with two of the best guitarists in the world - both Zappa alumni. How freaking cool is that? And yep, their performances will be followed by Benevento/Russo, Ween, and the School of Rock All-Stars with a "special guest"...don't know who that is but you can bet it's going to be someone awesome. I'll be posting his/her identity here as soon as I know. Also, this is just a wild guess, but I'm thinking that the venue is either Asbury Lanes or the adjoining Baronet Theater. However, both locations are one block from the boardwalk/beach, so whether this will be an outdoor event I have no idea...though it would seem to me that with unpredictable weather, it would be more prudent to have the big acts play indoors but again, I will let you know as soon as I have official word.

But can you imagine that? All of those amazing bands playing together in one day? I haven't seen the Saturday line-up -- I can't wait to find out who it is but trust me, it's going to be equally incredible.

Also, I believe this Asbury Park appearance will kick off at least part of the Belew Trio summer tour -- perhaps an east coast swing but I really have no idea -- and the release of Side 4 Live. Stay tuned...

Okay then. Back to work for me. I am concurrently working on several projects, all pretty damn exciting...and again, I'll share the details as soon as I am able.



Susan said...

You are the best, Robin. xxoo

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear Susan's deal.

BTW- I help a ton of writers in my own community and online and don't see the harm in nominating a story of mine. I think it's perfectly ok for writers to do that. Maybe it's all my years working in marketing.


RobinSlick said...

Aw, thanks, Susan. I think you are, too. xoxo (lovefest time)

I'm speaking from my own insecurities and lack of ego as a writer, Julie, as well as being hopefully unselfish. So for all of those reasons I personally could never submit my own story with so many brilliant authors out there, many of them friends. But sure, I could see where you or other writers might feel differently, and yeah, probably your years in marketing colors your thinking, too.

So how do you help a ton of writers in your community? I try and do the same and am interested in how you approach it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about insecurity. Those closest to me know I'm insecure. But having worked in sales and marketing - I kind of just shut up the negative self doubt. Plus, I've been studying this whole law of attraction movement.

It's all about being grateful for what you have and visualizing what you want and believing it will happen. I visualize my goals all the time, even if inside I'm crying and feeling totally sad or worried if my dream will happen.

Local writers

I have a group of about a dozen writers locally. It's a merging of two workshop groups. We used to meet regularly and workshop each others novels and sometimes short stories. Now we mostly share our stories online by email as everyones schedules are often in conflict.

I introduced them to flash prompts. I was inspired by that from some of the offices at Zoetrope. But the local group didn't know about flash.

Also, most of the group had never been published before and I worked hard with several of them to build their confidence to send out work to the magazines. I'm so proud that many of them are starting to get published.

I've given local workshops at the library for teens and have taught flash fiction there. I've also been giving a workshop on flash at a local writers conference for the past few years.

I also participate in a private office on Zoetrope and we critique each others flashes. Some of the friends from there also send me their novel chapters and we have a regular critique thing going.


Anonymous said...

You're so cool, Robin Slick. Thanks for the kind mention here. I don't have a story that long online, but I may just go ahead and nominate Katrina's fabulous short story again. Why not?


Ellen said...

*not only is she a remarkably talented writer, I really do believe karma played a role in her successs - she is one of the most unselfish people I've ever met --*

I'm so glad you posted that because it's so very true! Sue Henderson is one a million. Of course, I always knew she would get a book deal (how could she NOT?), but I wept and wept when I heard the news because I'm so damned happy for her.

But this is just step one. Wait until the reviews start pouring in. Sue will get starred reviews from EVERYONE.


Anonymous said...

I think helps comes in lots of ways. I was just talking to my clairvoyant friend. I helped her edit her press release this week and today we spent an hour on the phone just listening to each others hurts. We often end up more sad than we should. We both feel peoples energy so much and as such heal others when we don't realize it. I think many times when I write that I am picking up on others and by writing the story it heals them on some level. For someone that is directly clairvoyant it is much different than someone like myself who others call an empath. I just think of myself as intuitive.

The way I often see it there are energy takers, givers and those in between. Some days I would say I'm giving a lot and many other days are in between. But it's particularly painful when I'm in a setting with someone who is taking energy. The work then is to release that enery so it's not consuming.

Ok, enough from the spirit realm. I realize many may not get this.

Happy writing,

Myfanwy Collins said...

Happy, happy, HappY for SUE!! Yeah!

Thanks for your kindness, Robin. You are the best! I don't have any stories that fit the bill this year, but thank you for thinking of me.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

I wish success was exactly proportional to how good a person, unselfish one was...but we all know that bad people and crappy writers have success too...

Sue, however, is, in fact, a good and talented person who deserves her success without any doubt.

RobinSlick said...

Hey, Kath and Myf: Aw, too bad, but I know what you mean. Other than the novel struggle, I "relaxed" (ha) by writing flash in 2006. And yeah, it couldn't hurt to nominate Kat'd be nice!

Oh, Ellen, Jordan -- isn't it true? I'm so thrilled for her it's ridiculous. But I think we all knew it would be happening sooner rather than was just a matter of convincing Sue.

Ha ha, you're right, I don't understand, Julie. But getting back to my original statement, and this is me personally speaking, a victory or even participating in a contest where I nominated myself would just not feel right, you know? It would be tarnished. For me a true victory would be for someone -- or more than one person -- just to nominate a story of mine on their own because they were so impressed by my writing, like what's happening with Kat Denza's unbelievable piece. Anyway, cool about your flash workshops and all. Good for you!

k1tchenwitch said...

Wonderful news about Susan! And great news about the summer music festival too ~ wish I lived closer, it sounds like it's going to be amazing.

Thanks for thinking of me w/ regard to MWA. I have one story that qualifies, Waxing Razal, (at ). . . BUT I think there are SO many wonderful stories out there. I'm thinking about throwing in another nom for Katrina too. God, I am spending way too much time thinking about this. . .

RobinSlick said...

Oh my god, I'd read that story when it first came out, Theresa. It's brilliant!

Okay, I have my nomination! Yay!

scottst said...

My guess as to School of Rock's Mystery Guest: Jon Anderson. If I'm right, do I win a prize? I want a book! Thanks for blogging Robin (tweet, tweedle-dee-deet). - S.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words. Sorry you didn't understand. If you want me to explain more just email me.


RobinSlick said...

No thanks, Julie. I should clarify -- I do understand, but I'm not on board. But hey, in the spirit of generosity and supporting your fellow writer, why not nominate someone else who is a favorite author of yours for the Million Writer Award? There are many brilliant people to choose from -- surely you have friends on Zoetrope who have blown you away. Even though I don't participate there anymore, I still keep tabs on my favorite writers like Theresa Boyar, Alicia Gifford, Pia, Steve Guillon...true literary geniuses for sure who are very low key/humble about their accomplishments and will probably some day be household names.

Hi, Scott! I'm guessing No to Jon Anderson though admittedly, I'm out of the loop. The reason I think no, and I could be way off, is that Rock School has already toured with him and will be touring with him again next month in nearby cities. I'm guessing Paul will either look to former luminaries with whom the kids have worked like Peter Frampton, Skunk Baxter, or Vernon Reid...or, knowing Paul, and since the festival is also being held the week of NearFest which is all prog rock, he's going to pull someone totally new out of his hat who may not be a classic rock vet. Again, this is total speculation on my part. But if I had to bet my house on it, I would definitely say No, it's not Jon.

Ha ha - I'll probably end up having to transfer my Deed to you, huh. But for now, I'm sticking with my gut.