Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So this is what's going on...

"Eric Slick stares into the distance for the cover of Playgirl"
(Photo of Blue Eric by Dan Nitz)

(Eric, you can't be mad at me for this -- I lifted the photo and quote off your own MySpace page har har)

So today I realized that my son is now an official Paiste Cymbals endorser (even though I announced it here a few weeks ago). I know this is true because the Paiste website says so. If you click on Eric's name on the Paiste page I linked, it takes you to aforesaid Eric's MySpace page, which is only temporary because www.ericslick.com is being designed/constructed as we speak. But if you click on "S" on the Paiste artist page and look for "Slick", well, how cool is this! I especially like "See Eric in Action".

Speaking of "seeing Eric in action", I notice that now that Google's bought You Tube, you can google a person's name, hit "video", and all of the You Tubes for that person are lined up nice and neatly. If you want to check out a varied collection of Eric's assorted performances with various bands/luminaries throughout the years, click here.

Actually, I notice that's an incomplete listing, most likely because Eric's name isn't tagged so Google didn't pick it up, so for more Eric, you can visit You Tube right here and to catch some Julie and Eric with Mr. Belew, click here.

I've felt bleh over the past couple of days so I haven't been up to blogging but here's what I did manage to do:

Wrote a column on blogging, which I should have titled "Blogging: Art Form or Mental Masturbation" but I didn't think of that until after I subbed it...anyway, it's for NL Belardes new print mag, Novel Town - the debut issue of which features work by Susan Henderson, N. Frank Daniels, Brad Listi, Conrad Romo, Rich Ferguson, and Cindy Wathen. You can find appropriate links at Novel Town Review.

I also wrote two short stories - both of which I sent to print mags who thank God take online submissions -- only of course after hitting the "send" button, I'm expecting instant gratification and would like my acceptances/rejections immediately without having to check my email every five seconds.

Oh wait. I do that anyway.

So today I'm out of bed, back in the real world -- I've got a bunch of unpleasant mundane things to do/places to go in Philadelphia weather which is registering a wind chill factor of six below zero -- none of which I'm looking forward to.

But hey hey, that's life, huh.



n.l. said...

yes, and all your friends should purchase ads to promote their books, etc... why? Cause The Noveltown Review is cool!

The Noveltown Review

BTW, your kid is a rock god. Which makes you rock god mommy. whoah.

RobinSlick said...

You're right...my friends should promote their books in Noveltown Review and I will make it a special post later this week!

Yeah, after all these years of hard work writing and trying to get published, I finallly found my calling. Rock God Mommy.

Somebody kill me. Please.

(Nah, I love it...I just hope they have a top ten hit and can afford to hire me as their full-time publicist)

Daryl Darko said...

Robbie, something is weird with your latest post. Couldn't leave a comment for it. Anyway, remember about 2 months ago I told you all kinds of stuff you could do to your blog to make it ***ier? Well, I was assuming you had Beta Blogger running then. In that you never affirmed that I should have realized, not was the case. :) Here is a very good site with the best advice on how to improve the looks of your BB. http://betabloggerfordummies.blogspot.com/

if i can help, let me know. have fun!! daryl

peanut and planet said...

Yeah, another comment on the next post. I love the picture you've posted of yourself doing battle with the laptop. You've perfectly captured that expression that people have when trying to get the computer to behave.

Eric is running out of things to be sponsored for. Perhaps Neil Gaiman can sponsor his haircut.

Ellen said...

Glad you're having fun with Beta. But my poor, poor eyes!

dan niz said...

Picture of blue eric by dan nitz.

RobinSlick said...

Okay, comments section is officially fixed. Daryl, Beta Blogger for Dummies is for dummies. I am way worse than that. I wish I could say that site helped me but it confused me even more. I think I'll just treat new blogger like old blogger and we'll get along fine. The label thing is kind of dumb, though. You'd think they'd be actual links since you can click on them. I'm not quite sure of their purpose, other than you can say silly things and...

Okay. That's my plan, then. Silly things.

Hi Jess. Yeah, that was actually me doing my Neil Gaiman pose. A week or so ago, he posted a pic of himself sprawled on the sofa with a laptop. Only I kind of blew it, huh.

Ellen, I repeat, I'm done playing with Beta and even deleted the rainbow post.

Dan! I didn't know you took that photo of Eric! I didn't even know you read my blog! How are you doing? That's like my favorite picture of Eric ever.

Err...got any more?