Friday, February 09, 2007

Ike Willis/Project Object/Eric Slick...and Bah! I hate Beta Blogger!

Okay, I give up. Well, at least for this morning. Beta Blogger is driving me crazy. It's taking me an hour to post and if this blurb works I'll faint; no one is able to comment -- you get a weird "error" thing if you try and I've done everything from contact Google (yeah, like that's getting me anywhere) to joining a stupid blogger forum board where I find out like most of the world is having problems so I guess they're either going to fix it or we're all going to switch over to MySpace but...bah! I hate MySpace, too, even though I do have a site because cool people keep inviting me to theirs and I've got some ultra cool friends on mine.

But just in case I am able to publish this post, here's a very fine You Tube of Ike Willis with Project Object (and Eric Slick on drums, of course)...just wish it was longer, damn it!

Okay. I do have other news but I'm afraid to type anything else because if this blogpost fails and I lose it, I'm blowing up my computer.

ETA: Whoa! It finally worked! And comments appear to be working, too! But I'm not pressing my luck any further...I'll be back this afternoon after I calm down.