Friday, February 09, 2007

Ike Willis/Project Object/Eric Slick...and Bah! I hate Beta Blogger!

Okay, I give up. Well, at least for this morning. Beta Blogger is driving me crazy. It's taking me an hour to post and if this blurb works I'll faint; no one is able to comment -- you get a weird "error" thing if you try and I've done everything from contact Google (yeah, like that's getting me anywhere) to joining a stupid blogger forum board where I find out like most of the world is having problems so I guess they're either going to fix it or we're all going to switch over to MySpace but...bah! I hate MySpace, too, even though I do have a site because cool people keep inviting me to theirs and I've got some ultra cool friends on mine.

But just in case I am able to publish this post, here's a very fine You Tube of Ike Willis with Project Object (and Eric Slick on drums, of course)...just wish it was longer, damn it!

Okay. I do have other news but I'm afraid to type anything else because if this blogpost fails and I lose it, I'm blowing up my computer.

ETA: Whoa! It finally worked! And comments appear to be working, too! But I'm not pressing my luck any further...I'll be back this afternoon after I calm down.



Susan said...

Yay, your comments are working again! Because I wanted to say congratulations on the fabulous review and I wanted to say how excited I'll be to read you Psychotic Reaction column and I wanted to say how funny your post with all the colors was but how glad I'll be if you go back to one color.

I got out of jury duty for no reason at all. When my number was called they just said I wasn't needed and they wouldn't call me again for 6 years. Couldn't have gone better!

dennis mahagin said...

Hey Y'all.

You've heard of Prog Rock?

Well, Robin Slick currently has the consummate Prog-Blog!


Did I spell consummate correctly? Is there a different spelling, when the word is used as a verb instead of a noun?

As in:

"The amazingly clever Robin Slick has now consumated her Beta Blog, and her fans couldn't be more aptly ecstatic about it...?"

I kid you, kid. ;)

Blog looks great!

kix n' grinz,


RobinSlick said... comments are back. All is right in my world. And my two favorite commenters, as well.

Susan, I really hated this week to come to an end. It was so much fun!

You probably got out of jury duty because they did a computer check on you and found out you have subversive friends. Ha! 6 years? Lucky you. We can get called every 2 years here.

Dennis! Hi! Prog-blog..I love it. You are hilarious...the consummate wordplayer.

Well, here's hoping when I try and blog again shortly it all goes according to plan. I do have the link for beta blogging for dummies and apparently there's a lot of fun stuff I can do with this thing...if only I can focus but so much stuff is going on right now I can't concentrate on anything other than how to get my kids off to Cleveland and then get this...Julie just landed a gig recording Jon Anderson of YES the day following recording her CD with Adrian right now I'm frantically trying to find her a plane from Cincinatti to New York.

Err...didn't this start out as a blog about writing? Ha!