Friday, February 02, 2007

And Because He Asked Nicely...

So here is the new book cover for Another Bite of the Apple, coming to a bookstore near you sooner rather than later and I'm totally psyched...I even have the blurbs which will be on the back cover but I'll keep the authors' names a secret just in case I shouldn't be doing this:

""...I really enjoyed this story with its fast pace, its convoluted twists and turns, and the first person point of view. You’ll get to know Elizabeth and her idiosyncrasies and see just how entangled things become before they finally work themselves out."

"...Ms. Slick knows her way around words. She uses them in a way that I love to see! Thumbs up for you, Ms. Slick! Now, about my reading experience, ask me if I laughed? Yes, I did (in the public bus! Imagine that!). If my attention was solely absorbed by my reading? Oh yes! If I want more? Oh yes!"

"...Ms. Slick has created a commendable character in Elizabeth and there is no mystery to be solved and no over the top action in Another Bite of the Apple. It is just a simple life story of two people coming together and finding the answers to their life through each others eyes. Told in first person, this story shows that even though the road to personal growth is hard, all one needs is love and determination to make the journey worthwhile. If you are a mom struggling with motherhood, check out Another Bite of the Apple!"

So am I happy about this right now? Oh yeah!

Guess what else I'm happy about?

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The Adrian Belew Trio get a mention over at Progressive World, which basically has the same info I've been posting here on a daily basis -- all about the Side 4 Live CD which will be recorded during the trio's upcoming shows -- well, specifically at the show on February 17 at The Southgate House, a haunted mansion in Newport, KY, and the possible impending K3 tour. Nice to see this news getting picked up by different 'zines.

The cool factor in recording a live CD with Adrian Belew in a haunted mansion goes totally off the chart in my humble opinion. Eric Slick and Julie Slick are incredibly lucky, but then again, they are also incredibly talented so they deserve all of this great stuff coming their way. But I repeat: The cool factor here really rocks.

Found another blurb about my amazing son right here...authored by percussionist Bruce Baldwin:

" I tried recording the sound of turning the crank on a flour sifter as well, but it didn't work out well. I recorded the drum part when I was feeling especially inspired to play drums the day after going to see Adrian Belew here in Phoenix. I know that doesn't seem to make sense, but I was thinking of this insistent mid-tempo jam he has called "Madness." Belew's current drummer is this amazing kid named Eric Slick. I knew full well that the drum recording wouldn't turn into anything like that..."

Yeah, but Bruce, I had a listen to your music and it's pretty interesting and obviously Belew influenced so good on you!

Anyway, back to writing. I am sooo close to finally being happy with Daddy Left Me Alone with God. I can taste victory...okay, it's the glass of wine I had with lunch...but no, really, what I truly feel is relief that I worked my way through some troubling chapters and forced myself to cut out some things I liked because deep down I knew they slowed down the story and took the reader right out of it.

I recently did an interview for writer pal N.L. Belardes and he's got the "coming soon notice" up if you click on that link.

And tomorrow over at Lit Park I've dubbed myself the emcee for Sue's huge upcoming interview with Neil Gaiman - as an introduction she asked me to do a review for his latest book, Fragile Things, but said "Don't make it a typical review - see if you can make it short and funny."

Ha! Short and funny is what I do best and the mirror confirms it every day as well.

So speaking of "back to writing", that's what I'm going to do now. But before I go...

Because he asked nicely, this is for Neil Gaiman:
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