Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Adrian Belew Radio Interview...

The Adrian Belew Power Trio featuring Eric and Julie Slick in Ohio last by Gary Slick

Oh man, if you could see me now, you'd see a weeping (though happy) mess.


Because here's a radio interview (February 20, 2007) with Adrian Belew following last weekend's show/recording of Side Four Live with my kids:

Adrian speaks



belewbloggfan said...

Hi Rob!
Thanks so much for the link to Adrian's radio interview from Tuesday night....
I tuned in on the night and caught the whole interview....but the audio quality was dreadful, and it was hard work hearing exactly what was being said. Thankfully, this time was much clearer; it sure was a blast listening to Adrian - I really love hearing his views on everything, as well as his personal thoughts regarding the environment etc. I get the feeling that he would be very easy to talk to - no wonder Eric & Julie love him so much! It certainly would be a dream come true to actually be able to meet Adrian, and get to know a little more about the man behind the guitar! He certainly had some wonderful things to say about your Eric & Julie - as I've said before his love & admiration for them both clearly shines through. Much deserved, I might add.
Can't wait to experience Side 4 - (4 months will feel like forever - but I realise you can't rush these things - and I know the wait will be well worth it).
Oh, and I must mention the wonderful photo's you've given us (ever since Gary got the new camera) - they are great! Thank you so much. Keep up all the great work. We love you all!


Damn. Did I sound nervous or what?

Thanks for posting this Robin. It was difficult to hear that night on the air (phone) with him. Now I know what he said! *laughs*

RobinSlick said...

Wasn't that fantastic? Thanks so much! cannot believe how much I can't wait for Side 4 Live and the subsequent summer tour. And oh do I hope they make it to Canada but so far, nothing definite is decided. I'll let you know as soon as I hear, Wendy.

Rena, yeah, you did sound nervous and that made me giggle and like you even more. I get the same way on the should have heard me Saturday night. I was blabbering.