Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Adrian Belew Power Trio Does the Who/Led Zep...circa 1970s (Part I)

Okay, my family came through. They not only took two cameras and their laptops, this time they remembered the cable so that they could send me photos as they happen. Now this first pic is pretty normal -- Julie Slick, Adrian Belew, and Eric Slick, wowing the crowd at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio

I love how Adrian smiles...think he enjoys this band? (I have it on good authority that he's having the best time of his life...whoa...when you think about the musicians with whom he's played, that is really kind of humbling)

And Eric is having a blast, too (because this is what he lives for...)

Press conference/autograph time -- can I tell you how surreal it is for me to see this?

But after the show, someone's wacky rock star side starts to come out...

And you can tell Julie is having some pretty strange thoughts...

Oh man, thank God I wasn't there - I'd have been having a heart attack and trust me, wait until you see the next set of photos I'll put up in a separate post..

Now at this point, Eric still has his wits about him (and I can read his mind "Wtf is she doing?????), and Gary seems to be merely amused...but pretty soon Julie's insanity becomes contagious and wait until you see what they do once inside their hotel room...

Part II to follow along with reviews and some more tales from the road...




Fantastic photos! I was just wondering about that a few minutes ago - now she did send him off on assignment with the new camera? Those photos are great. Did Gary take the one at the Hall of Fame? My gosh. Hall of Fame. Pinch me will you.

Another thing I was wondering about was how early anybody at the show last night would be able to tell us if they are playing the same setlist. As if! hahahaha They are passed out in hotels or on couches and rightly so. :) Notice I was not wondering how the show was, only because I know it was fucking awesome!!!! It was Adrian, Julie and Eric!!

Is anybody opening for The Belew Power Trio?

RobinSlick said...

I didn't even pick out the best of the photos - they sent me three pages worth and I've been so busy laughing my ass off at each one I can't think straight. I'll post another group this afternoon.

Yeah, they're doing the same set list (though I think Gary told me Ade cut out his solo set at the Hall of Fame due to time restrictions) but that's only because they are tuning up/tightening up for recording Side 4 Live, which is, of course, the show you saw. When they tour again this fall, they will have a lot of new material as well the possibility of some very special guests which will take them into a whole new realm.

Oh, as far as the set list for the summer tour -- I haven't heard anything yet but I would think they'd be touring to support the new CD (and DVD, by the's an actual film with interviews as well as performances from last night and tonight) so they'll do a lot of that material but I'm thinking they'll start adding new stuff this summer, too because Adrian said he's been writing a lot of stuff because J&E have him so pumped and enthused.

Someone is opening for the trio tonight -- Ron Hickey? I remember the last name for sure - who could forget that -- but I'm not positive it's "Ron". Easy enough to check..

By the way, just so you don't feel bad for not going, Gary told me they woke up this morning to a ton more snow. And there's more on the way. Arghh....

Daryl Darko said...

Wonderful photo-essay! I wonder how many more times J&E will be playing at the R&RHoF in their lifetimes. Maybe they will break a record! And Robin, they are supposed to break/bust up their hotel rooms! As for the acrobatics of the Julie-one, hmmm, better tie a safety rope around her waist!

My young friend was not able to attend the show last night because of Ohio State laws prohibit minors from entrance to drinking establishments without a parent. What a drag. With all the places that allow all-ages admission for shows in the country... sigh. The kid is studying journalism though so maybe Eric will grant her a phone interview sometime? She was upset at not getting to meet them all last night.

Anyway, tell Gary to keep practicing with his camera. Do you know what lenses he has?


Nope. I still feel bad. Maybe not bad. More like when you've got something on your mind that you just cannot stop thinking about and it's driving you CRAZY. Yeah... much more like that. I think I'll drive to Telegraph to buy a new pipe.

The same setlist is best for Side Four recording and for us fiending fans. Tour guests - love it!!! excitement increases

I love the silhouette of Miss Julie at the hotel but the ones near the balcony scare me. I scrolled quickly. I still don't let my kids near the edge - at least not when they are with me.