Monday, January 22, 2007

Whilst I wait...

Another fab photo taken by Gary Slick of the Adrian Belew Power Trio (Julie's there, she's just hiding) in California, November, 2006

So whilst I wait to post some pretty major cool news -- and because I'm a Brit wannabe and I've always wanted to use the word "whilst" -- I figured I'd post a few blurbs, anyway.

Oh, what am I waiting for? Well, in writing world, I went on a submissions tear and sent off short stories to a whole bunch of pubs, the most prestigious of which is Tin House but I'm not holding out hope because two of my favorite writer pals subbed for that same issue (The Evil Issue) and received their rejections already, and since they are much, much more literary writers than I am, I can only assume my story has been used as toilet paper over at Tin House central and I won't be hearing anything at all. But I'm a dreamer and nonetheless have that glimmer of hope because my said rejection has still not arrived...

That being said, I'm sure it will come in the mail today.

Eric and Julie have had a few cool projects lately and we'll see how that goes...all I know is, they are busy, busy, busy and Eric is jamming with some pretty interesting people this week so he can fill in some holes and stay "in shape" while the Adrian Belew Power Trio is on hiatus until mid-February.

Speaking of Adrian -- he's entered blogland! Here's a direct link to his on line diary, aptly named Elephant-Blog, and okay, okay, I'm thrilled because he's listed his first two links on said blog, -- one is DGM Live and the other one is mine! Yay!

And oh man, try not to salivate too much over the guitar Ade has up on his blog -- it's the one which will be for sale on eBay today used during the Laurie Anderson sessions. Arghh....I want it!

I also couldn't help but notice Ade has the following on his website as of last night:


A live 11:08 recording of Beat Box Guitar by the Adrian Belew Power Trio will be available for download soon. This version was recorded at the Triple Door in Seattle Washington on November 14, 2006 and has been mixed at StudioBelew. After we have tested the store thoroughly, we hope to add some Dust particles to it. Stay close!"

Oh, I'm staying close, I'm definitely staying close! I cannot wait! I actually have the DVD from that show courtesy of a lovely fan, and to say that version of Beat Box Guitar is spine tingling awesome would be putting it mildly.

It will be fun to see if Adrian keeps up the blog -- I can tell you from personal experience it's pretty time-consuming but also very addictive. I really look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

So have you noticed lately that this world is getting crazier and crazier?

This happened right around the corner from where I live. I think I may be having heart failure. If it wasn't so close to home, it'd make a great short story:

Growing Concerns After Latest Foot Fetish Assault
Same Suspect May Be Responsible For Seven Attacks

"A sexual assault suspect with a love of feet may have struck for a seventh time. Police said a woman was attacked by the armed foot fetishist in the Fairmount section of the city Sunday morning.

Authorities said a 33-year-old woman took a cab to...on her way home from a night out with friends around 3:35 a.m.

Police said the suspect approached the victim, put a gun to the victim’s head and led her to ..., where she was told to remove her shoes. For some unknown reason, the suspect became frightened and fled the scene after taking $40 from the victim.

The incident disturbed many residents in the Fairmount neighborhood.

"It's just creepy that my husband and I got home from dinner last night and parked just feet from where that happened," said neighbor xxx.

Some in the neighborhood had a more light hearted opinion of the strange suspect.

“Better a foot fetishist than something else, I mean, the gun is really scary though,” said resident xxx.

Investigators are trying to determine if the suspect is the same man responsible for six similar attacks throughout Philadelphia since November 21 of last year.

Police said the first victim was a 21-year-old woman was taken at gunpoint, fondled and robbed on the 3200 block of South Street.

Dr. Ralph Taylor, a Criminal Justice professor at Temple University, said he is concerned the suspect will get more aggressive.

"Armed robbers are dangerous people and the research shows that one of the things that armed robbers like is freaking people out and taking control of the situation and making people really scared,” he said.

If you have any information on this incident, contact Philadelphia Police"

Great. Something new to worry about. A deranged thief in the neighborhood who wants to smell and fondle feet.

Okay, back to talking about positive stuff again -- Eric came home from LA last night exhausted but extremely happy. NAMM was an incredible success for him; in addition to now having the Paiste cymbal endorsement he also may have picked up a drumstick endorsement; he hung out with all kinds of celebrities, went to the Guitar Player Magazine cocktail party...and Marco Minnemann actually did an "I'm not worthy" bow when Eric was introduced to him as Adrian's drummer. Wow.

And have I mentioned my beautiful daughter will be turning twenty-one in a few days? In celebration thereof, and it will be a week long celebration as usual, we are having our annual lunch at Le Bec Fin later this week. This has been our tradition since Julie turned twelve years old; we've never missed a year since. I was kidding her that this time we'd order a bottle of wine with lunch since she's now legal, but um, Le Bec Fin marks up their wine by 500%. I'm sorry, I'm not paying $50.00 a glass for swill.

But...we'll see. I mean, how often does a person turn 21? Then of course we're going out to dinner a few days later with the entire family at an outstanding restaurant which is a surprise to Ms. Julie so I'll discuss it here after it happens; she's got a romantic night out with just her boyfriend the following evening...ah, life is good and I know I've said it before but I'll say it again -- in my next life, I'm coming back as my kids.

In this one, Gary and I will settle for being their tour manager/publicists. Ha!

Okay, time to get this day started. I'm writing up a storm again. Whee!!!!!



Susan Henderson said...

You are too funny with the toilet paper comment. I'll bet they're writing your acceptance letter right now.

Daryl Darko said...

they should do that foot-fetish thief as an episode of Law and Order... you know, just one of the off shoot veins of a story. keep your Doc Martens laced up tight until that bloke is caught! can't believe Ade is going to play with Umphrey's but not for the shows out here in Cali. he needs to get out more!

don't laugh but it took sitting down to watch 24 & Heroes the other night to get me away from my photos on Flickr to open my laptop and write a blog entry. i've got to keep a vein to my writing tapped, especially since i've come up with this new idea for zine-ing my story as a development tool.

glad Eric's weekend was so enjoyable and future building. and Julie turning 21, awwww!

peanut and planet said...

every once in a while I also get the urge to use the word 'whilst'. not as easy to fit it into science writing.

Pete Franke said...

Hey robin, to lend some perspective on the live beat box 'available soon'...its been like that for 2 months! In this context, 'soon' is becoming increasingly relative!

but im right there with you, dieing to hear it. And Im STILL wishing I could get to Kentucky but Ive got my doubts. My daughter turns 16 on 2/21, Ive got multiple concert plans in march and my daughter is participating in a bustrip to Quebec for French studies! This single parents budget is begging for mercy....


wendy lozenicins said...

Hi there Rob,
I just had to de-lurk for a moment to add my abundant praise and admiration on your absolutely amazingly talented Eric & Julie - I just caught a short clip on YouTube, (the first of the new Adrian Belew Power Trio that I have seen), and yes, I was totally blown away! I can't wait to enjoy more - is there any chance that you may part with a copy of your DVD??? (!@#$%!)
as she grovels/begs/pleads in vain

Daryl Darko said...

hahaha Robbie, just found an English friend of mine using "your word"...