Thursday, January 25, 2007

So remember I was telling you I was sitting on big news?

Eric Slick with Paul and Tyler from California Guitar Trio at NAMM - Eric is wearing nerd glasses he doesn't even need purchased from the dollar store but you know, he's the man, what can I tell you.

Ha ha - remember how I kept saying I had major news but had to keep my lips zipped. Well, now I apparently can talk a bit about what's going on...and this is what you call Cross-Bloggination:

From Adrian Belew's new blog:

"hoots and shouts!

great news...the Adrian Belew Power Trio will be playing on the 15th of February in Cleveland at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. then on friday night at Canal Street, a cozy club in Dayton, Ohio. after that,
get ready to have your best hoots and shouts put on a live record!
The AB Power Trio is making side 4 the live record at the Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky on February 17th. this promises to be an awesome show for posterity and I'm hoping to see every greater cincinnatian I've ever known in the audience.
somebody bring me some Skyline! this is what I live for.

Posted by adrian belew at 1:06 PM

Cuddlefish or chameleon, you decide.

those of you visiting this site know by now of my propensity to change colors often. and so it is again. I had plans for touring march with something Robert Fripp (forever hereafter known as robert) calls K3. which would involve ProjeKct 6 (me and robert) as the opening act for the Tony Levin Band, followed by the Adrian Belew Power Trio, followed by an encore of robert, tony, adrian (the 3 kings of crimson) and eric slick playing a half dozen crimson classics.
that was the plan, but this is the music business and rarely do things acquiesce to our wishes.
as it turns out K3 will have to wait until the fall. this combined with the need for julie slick to finish out her semester until june caused a New and Improved! plan to be devised. the AB Power Trio will be bach (to quote the governator) post-june. meanwhile...

Lions and Tigers and...

you got it, Bears. who are nearing the finished line on our next as-yet-untitled effort, which we think may be our finest. we plan to have our record available by the last of march in time for a BEARS TOUR sometime through april-may. our agent Joshua Knight has already begun therapy in preparation for the big event. where would we like to play? well, everywhere there are people stupid enough to, no wait, that's not it. let's just leave it at everywhere. so start telling all your stupi, er, all your friends The Bears are coming. you never know, it could be our last tour ever, so let's pretend it is. it will take a few weeks before the dots (pun intended) start to connect (or else Joshua throws some darts at a map and that becomes the tour). but I will blog you to death when I know more."


So now you know one of the reasons I've been so excited. Oh.My.God. My kids are going to record a CD with Adrian Belew on February 17 live at The Southgate House in Cincinatti. And K3 in the fall. Julie and Eric Slick with Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, and Tony Levin. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

More tomorrow.