Sunday, January 07, 2007

Project Object: Coming this Tuesday to Philadelphia!

Eric Slick on drums with Project Object - Chicago, Friday night

So here is where we last picked up on the Zappa Forum Board as concerns the Project Object tour...and it made me smile so I'm reposting the original comments and then tacking on what followed:

"The 19 year old drummer is fantastic!
So sorry, I can't recall his name right now...."
"Eric Slick! That's the drummer about to take over the world. He's incredible."
"He's only 19, and he knows how to nasty. Wink"
"I've seen more than a few big name bands live and none have had a drummer that impressed me more."
"Missed the first night but just got back from the second nights show. They definitely step it up quite a few notches with Eric Slick on drums and Seahag back in the band. My buddy taped the show on DAT out of the soundboard and his recording sounds phat. I'll have it on CD in a day or two. Also just found out Adrian Belew is playing in the city I live at the end of this month..."

Now this review I found on My Space and it totally cracked me up so even though I usually just focus on Eric when I post these things (and he does a nice job when he talks about Eric, by the way), I could not resist putting up his entire entry:

"Sunday, January 07, 2007

Superb psychosis

Wow, oh wow. That is one wow for how fucking awesome the band, Project Object, is, and one for wtf is this streak I'm going on?

So first, the back story. Thursday night, Toad and his girl came up and my roomie and them and I went to the Beachland Ballroom to see Project Object. I hadn't heard of them, but I do like Zappa, and Toad assured me that they are the best Zappa tribute band in the land.

Well, it's not as though I've ever seen another Zappa tribute band, but I'm sure that if I had or if I ever do, said bands will not come close to Project Object. Mainly, I was floored by the drummer. This was a 19 year old kid, and he was _Fucking_ outstanding. It turns out that he's a real "up and comer" and is apparently the nephew of one of the members of Jefferson Starship? Dunno nothin' about that, but I do know that the kid was fucking amazing. They had two fucking awesome guitar players, and this 60 year old keyboardist destroying a fucking sweet Korg. Really, just a fucking great night of music.

Now, for those of you who take some joy from my acting like a moron, we get to the rest of the story.

Well, Paulie found a way to sneak onto the stage in the middle of the concert. So, I'm totally grooving, and I look up and see my roommate just standing on the side of the stage. Awesome. He came and showed me how to get up there, and I got thrown off as soon as I took one step on the stage. That's not too surprising, except that Paul did not get thrown off. I guess I just don't have "it".

Next, between sets, I was in the bathroom and there was about four pounds of weed going around. For those of you who know me, you know that I don't handle dope well at all. And, because of this, I haven't smoked in quite some time. Well, I'm not sure what's going on here, because I went on a little pot brownie tear last week, and then I ended up smoking a ton of weed in that bathroom. It actually didn't turn out too badly, surprisingly enough, but it did put me into a massive, monster fog. So, I was pretty well worthless to talk to after that.

We watched the last set, and I was pretty well groovin' along in dopesville, and it was nice. After they finished, we went to the bar that was attached, and there was some pretty cool Rockabilly band playing. I was really enjoying them as well, but I was out of comission, not really much good to anyone.

Sidebar: In college, I rode the campus bus line pretty religiously. Well, throughout the tenure of my days at Kent, I would periodically see this girl on the bus. Now, I was always too big of a pussy to say anything to her, but I started to see her all over the place. It's hard to explain correctly, but I pretty well obsessed over her. I thought of her as my mystery girl. I had a couple of classes with her throughout my time there, but never said a word to her.

Ok, so she was there on Thursday. I really wanted to talk to her, but I knew that I was too hammered to make any good sense. So, like a smart boy, I went and just tried to logically explain to her that I used to see her a lot on campus. The short part of this long story is that I don't believe that I tactfully pulled that one off. It went more along the lines of "Hey! I used to be totally psycho for you!" Surprisingly enough, she was not very receptive.

Anyway, it was a fucking great night and I will definately see Project Object any time that they come to town. You will too, unless, of course, you are a moron."

Ha! Was that not great?

So the band had yesterday and today off while they drive from Chicago to Philadelphia, where, ta-da, they will be performing tomorrow night at World Cafe Live!. Doors are at 6:00 p.m., show starts at 7:30 p.m. I cannot wait and hope to see a lot of you there.

That's it for now - I actually am working on three projects concurrently -- a book review, editing for Phaze Publishing, and...arghh...another revision to my novel, which I will most likely continue to edit long after it's published. My head is spinning so I need to take a deep breath and tackle each thing one at a time.