Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh man, and I didn't think I could top 2005

Once again, thanks to my pal, Daryl Barnett, for providing such great photos from the west coast Belew tour -- somehow he managed to animate my son and I must learn how he did this! Daryl? I know you're here...teach me!!!!!

I remember worrying this time last year that I'd never be able to top 2005 -- the premier of the documentary Rock School (in which both a very young Julie and Eric appear throughout), the premier parties on the west coast featuring J&E performing Heart of the Sunrise at the LA Knitting Factory with Jon Anderson and Barracuda with Ann Wilson of Heart at Neumo's in Seattle...pizza in Seattle with Eddie Vedder and then Eric jamming out with him (see the You Tube link on the right hand side)...the print publication of my first novel...and then look what happens in 2006! My next novel published (ha ha...I figured I had to start with that instead of ending the year with it but you can tell where my priorities really rest)...both kids becoming part of Adrian Belew's Power Trio...touring all across America and Europe...well, all I can say is, within the past few days, I've received news of upcoming events for 2007 that are completely blowing my mind and over the next few weeks I will be sharing major news on all fronts, both music and writing.

But for now, if you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area, please go see my son tonight and/or tomorrow night performing with Project Object at Club Cafe.

So I've been trolling for reviews and stuff of the Project Object gigs so far, but I guess the holidays have everyone kind of frazzled and not into blogging. I did, however, find this on a kind person's journal:

"I hope that we all can focus on the tasks at hand. This past weekend I witnessed one of the best shows of my life. It was Project Object featuring Ike Willis at Teaneck, NJ's Mexicali Blues Cafe. The glorious music of the late Frank Zappa was played by some serious virtuosos. 3 guitarists, 2 synths, Mahavishnu Project bass, and Eric Slick on drums. The conducting was incredible in the real efzee style. The Dick Cheney modernization of "Moving to Montana" made my year. Funk flange mandolin and theramin made it to the stage in a big way. Numbers from Joe's Garage had us screaming and dancing "Keep it greasy so it'll go down easy". The show was James Brown themed with encores of JB songs and wild samples of James injected into the beautiful cacophony."

I am also pleased to learn that Eric is keeping a tour blog on the P/O website, but I'll make it easy for you and paste what he wrote here:

Hey, What's New in Baltimore? added by Eric Slick

What a joy it is, to be back on the road again with the one and only Project/Object. We played our first show in Baltimore the other night. I opened up with Dave Dreiwitz (from the almighty Ween) and I'm pretty sure we rocked some balls. I've never played the 8x10 before, it's a funky small place. J-Ro somehow managed to carry the house Hammond B3 down a flight of stairs just so he could have it for the show. Baltimore is great - crazy crowds, decent food, bar fights. In fact after our show (which was very good considering minimal rehearsal time and nervous energy) there was a fight outside the sleazy club next door. I seriously thought we'd see some blood shed, but I was wrong. I just ended up sitting in the van eating Spanky's pastries, and commenting on the balls and spitting lip on them. What does this mean you ask? Only time will tell, so keep reading the blog.

Off to Teaneck, NJ, where the awesome macaroni and chesse pizza place is.
30 December 2006

Here's some cool photos someone took of the gig in Providence, Rhode Island Saturday night.

And finally, for those of you who understand how to download/upload...whatever..BT Torrents, here's a link to the Project Object show in Baltimore complete with many interesting comments:


Anyway, I can understand the lack of blogging...I am kind of feeling that way myself...all pooped out from the holidays and now sitting on my hands because I have such huge news and what good is it if I can't share it?

I've decided to spare you all photos and blurbs of what we all got for Christmas though I will say my family really outdid themselves and I got a desperately needed new laser printer as well as some incredible artwork and photos by the family which Julie professionally framed. We bought Gary a new camera which totally rocks and has a special lens for dimly lit clubs so as soon as he reads the manual which is the size of a phone book be prepared to see some awesome shots.

In the meantime, I will share the Christmas song Eric wrote for me...however, he will not allow me to post the actual MP3 because he feels it's personal and he's right. Besides, this way, if you have your speakers turned on, you get to listen to Emitt Rhodes sing Long Time, No See on my blog, who/which my husband turned me on to many years ago when we were baby hippies...and if you want to read quite a story about Emitt and how cruel the music industry can be...oy vey...click here.

Anyway, Eric and Julie went over my entire blog for 2006 and wrote this song...only I realized that a lot of it was personal; a lot of it was embarrassing...and so...after "red lining" it with my pen, here is what we are left with:

"All I Want for Christmas is a Book Deal

Ho Ho Ho and Hello Robin
I know you've been a good girl this year
Blogging and writing and working very hard
You deserve a special present this year

It's not a book deal, it's even better
A SONG about getting a book deal. Let me reach into my sack of presents:

Well there was Neil Gaiman and Shannon Penn
I went to California to play at NAMM
(and here is where Eric censors me)
But we won't talk about THAT

Community College is where you read
A story about who else...Neil Gaiman
I don't even wanna know what "Sexecution" is
I don't wanna talk about that because this song is for children


All I want for Christmas is a book deal!

In March and April and May there was Project Object
And pictures of your face superimposed with Neil Gaiman

In July and August we were away
And there's a Neil Gaiman post every day

But somehow you managed to finish your novel


All I want for Christmas is a book deal

In September we went down the shore
October was pretty much a bore
In November we went back on tour
In December you lost the blog award

But that's okay because that stupid nudie
girl from Canada sucks anyway
But you still made top #5"

Ha ha - so that's the edited version and trust me, it reads/sounds a lot better unedited and with music but it's my special personal present from my son and he's right, I should keep it that way.

So that's it for now...grrr...there's so much I want to say and so much I can't...but watch this space!