Sunday, January 21, 2007

Odds and Sods for Sunday, January 21

Eric Slick playing what else -- Paiste Cymbals

So I talked to Eric -- to say he's having a blast at NAMM is putting it mildly. The people from Paiste Cymbals were ultra-cool to him; they supplied him with a totally awesome set-up of new cymbals which Eric personally selected; he chatted up Chester Thompson, stood there with mouth open as Stevie Wonder strolled by, thought he may have seen Bono walk right past him but wasn't entirely sure so I did some google research and realized it was this guy named Pavel, a famous Bono impersonator who is a legend out in California and who apparently upset some people who were bamboozled into thinking it was really Bono and told him their heartfelt life stories. Now, I'm no U2 fan -- in fact, I put them right up there with Aerosmith as the world's most famous cringe-worthy bands -- but even I know this guy isn't Bono:

I mean, get this:

"That sucks, he had me so fooled. I told him how their album "All that you leave behind" saved me when my son was a runaway. I'm really upset because he saw how thankful I was of him and his work with charities - I was in tears the whole time. He signed autographs and everything. He went into the Fender booth, pulled down an acoustic and sang "One" for everyone. I'm so disappointed."

Ugh. That's really too bad.

So luckily this weekend wasn't a total wash; I did an interview for a brand new print magazine which will be at first distributed on the west coast but will basically make its way everywhere, and I also agreed to do a column for them. I just need to come up with a cool topic...but I've been kicking around a couple of ideas today and I'm pretty psyched.

Also got a nice review of Another Bite of the Apple over here.

So that's about it for now. Basically I'm just hanging out, hoping Eric calls me because he was going to a Paiste Cymbals NAMM after-party at the Hilton Hotel last night and as we all know, I am living vicariously through him at the moment.

Just joking. But I do love hearing these tales from the road, and if I do talk to him and learn anything interesting, I'll be back.