Friday, December 22, 2006

Okay, Who Knows Hungarian?

Ha ha - finally, someone got it right.

Here's an article about me where I am strategically placed between Pamela Des Barres, Marianne Faithful, Bebe Buell, and Germaine Greer!

But for godsakes, it's in Hungarian and so not only am I unable to translate it, there are no free on line services which will do it for me...places like Babblefish, etc. only translate Spanish to English or Italian to English...I cannot find one Hungarian to English website.

This is driving me crazy! What could it possibly say? I mean seriously, I was just joking when I said "finally, someone got it right". What the hell am I doing in an article with those four, err, luminaries? It links to my blog, so I'm thinking I'm in there as "groupie mom"?

Anyway, if anyone reading this can translate what this says, please shoot me an email...otherwise, I know me, I'll be at Borders later buying a Hungarian to English dictionary.

ETA: Oh my above little blurb just made the infamous Zappa fan site Kill Ugly Radio!

In other news, speaking of groupie Mom, my son, Eric, continues to rack up press.

Another shot of Eric on bongos with Joe Lally of Fugazi on bass and Yanni P. on guitar at the Lit Lounge in NYC Saturday night

The Pittsburgh City Paper has an article highlighting "A look back at 2006's live music highlights" which says, in part:

"As the year's end approaches, it's time for me to take stock of countless nights of seeing and hearing live music, whether in posh theaters, smoky bars or just some basement party. Despite insidious devices keeping drones glued to screens, many Pittsburghers value the live experience as much as I do -- like record-store dudes.

Classic-rock heroics don't have to be as predictable as WDVE's rotation. Rob Tabachka of Brave New World mentions how amazing the nearly 60-year-old Frank Marino (of Mahogany Rush) was at the Rex, blazing through two hours of blistering guitar, yet still eager to talk to fans afterwards. Dave Whaley, manager at Dave's Music Mine, flipped over Frank Zappa tribute Project Object, which ran two nights at Club Café. "This band's incredible," he says. "There's a lot of young musicians in it, including this 18-year-old drummer, Eric Slick, who just got out of high school. He also plays with Adrian Belew."

Eric on drums with Project Object, Spring tour, 2006, to which this article refers

I mean, I know I'm Eric's mother and all, but this writer has his show with Project Object in like the first paragraph of music highlights of 2006! That's pretty intense and I got goosebumps when I saw it.

And over at the Benevento Russo Duo Fan Community, someone who caught my son playing with the BOC (Chris Harford Band of Changes), said:

"the lights really were awesome....great job split smile the music rocked as usual...really dug powder...

and ps the eric slick kid from school of rock playing with boc, well i really got a kick outta him...3 great bands one great night..."

Pretty cool, huh.

Okay, switching gears, in writing news -- ha ha, I've made the bigtime -- autographed copies of Three Days in New York City are now available at eBay! And, if you are so inclined, you can purchase my books directly from my publisher at a special discount as follows:

"Effective only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, customers can get 50% off on purchases through the Phaze cart using this code: SANTA50.

From 12/26 - 12/30, they will get 25% using this code: SANTA25"

This offer not only refers to my novels but to other Phaze authors as well and I strongly suggest you check them out -- we have two Eppie award finalists, Alessia Brio for Fine Flickering Hungers and Tula Caesar for Lipstick and Other well as amazing novels from Leigh Ellwood, Madeline Oh...the list is endless and terrific. Why not visit the site and browse -- there are several excerpts available for you to review prior to making any purchase decisions.

Finally, back to the music again, here's a 15 second tease of Adrian Belew, Eric Slick, and Julie Slick doing Three of a Perfect Pair...this is a taste of what's to come via professional DVD for sale...I cannot wait!

Anyway, I'm sure there's more news but I need to get myself in gear for the dreaded last minute Christmas shopping today so I'm sure I'll be back this afternoon/evening with more stories of that, but for now...